Why Did I Start My Business? My story

I remember having a heated discussion with my guides one day on my daily walk and I was pulled up short when they boomed in my head, of course you should charge, you paid for your course.

It was 1998 and I’d been studying for about 5 years by this time. The message was that if I am paying to learn to be a practitioner then it is no different to anyone who goes to ‘school’ to hone their talents. It literally stopped me in my tracks and it was this moment that broke through the ‘guilt’ that I should be doing this for free. It’s a tired argument and while I understood what that meant in the moment, it still took me a while to reconcile that in my heart. Life began to fall apart not long after and I was called to face, and be at peace with, my buried trauma. I think I cried for about three years, emerging whole. By facing the trauma I was given the tools and direct connection to Spirit that I’d later share and still do to this day. So my walls were swept away, I was vulnerable and raw. There is nothing easy about walking this path and a healthy trust in Spirit is required. And Spirit provided. Teachers, healers and antagonists. I am not going to sugarcoat this… I was fighting for my life.

Gradually, I recognised the opportunities to build my psychic and healing skills into a business. And here is the kicker, whenever I wavered, tried to walk away or give up, I became ill. My body is my barometer. Spirit didn’t let me off the hook and healing around self-worth and self-esteem was provided. When I hit a Mind hurdle something came along to make Soul sense. My commitment is now to myself, the Spiritual lessons and business. I charge for my time and share spirit energy for free. It means if someone, even me, needs that energy exchange, Spirit will put us in each other’s path. While I love expressing Spirit power in my daily life, it’s joyful, there is something within me that must be honoured and the only way to express it and feel whole is to be in this business. I radiate peace and joy when I am working with people. I’ve tried not charging, it doesn’t work. I can’t explain this. All I know is that when I work with someone without a fair exchange, nobody wins. The client does not move forward Spiritually and I am personally drained of energy. My theory is that an exchange (money) means there is no imbalance, cords are cut and the moment is sealed.

My business reflects my personality, my ethics, it grows my own Soul Power and keeps me healthy. It makes sense and I wouldn’t have it any other way. How is your Soul prompting you to follow your dreams?




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