We Are What We Believe

Trauma and grief come from many causes and can even be carried over from previous lifetimes. We can carry them in all our belief levels, in our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, our organs and every cell of our bodies.

These emotions can be major contributors to physical illness in particular areas in the body, for instance, grief in the lungs, fear in the kidneys, stomach and knees, bitterness in the liver and anger in the bowel. Asthma can be a symptom of a fear of giving in and cancer is often a result of long-term pent-up hatred, bitterness and resentment. In fact, negative and toxic emotions can make you very sick indeed!

What we believe, we create. Everything we think and say is based on our beliefs about ourselves and the reality we live in, which in turn are based on our experiences within that reality. Because separation is an illusion, we are all actually one with the Universe, making us powerful manifestors and creators of our own reality. Our belief system underpins our thoughts, words, actions and intentions, creating our reality every second of every day. Harnessing the Spiritual Law of Attraction, every thought creates form, instantly manifesting what we put out with intention (even if we’re not conscious of it) to the Universe. So, if we think we will never have any money, we never will! If we use ‘can’t’ often enough we will block ourselves off from any opportunity. If we believe we are old, our bodies will begin to look and feel old; if we judge ourselves, we allow others to judge us. Our reality is cemented by every thought and emotion simply because we believe it to be so.

If no-one ever thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel, many people would remain stuck in their misery, making the world a much harder place to live in, both for them and the people around them. If people in tough situations could find one thing to be grateful for, one positive thing to say and one action to help themselves or another every day, it would gradually become much easier for them to build a more positive state of mind and a healthy body. It makes sense that a mindset based on hopelessness, powerlessness, anger and despair will only build more of the same. If positivity breeds light, ongoing negativity can keep a person trapped in darkness and heaviness for as long as they maintain that reality, which could be a lifetime.

Listening to your body, watching your thoughts and making a conscious effort to take responsibility for your reactions and interactions with others can really turn around your perspective and create the change you wish to be and see! It sounds so simple, but it could be the most powerful change you could ever make for yourself. Try it – you may be surprised!



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