What’s in store for you in July, August and September?

Relationships are still in focus for 2022 and you may find yourself being presented with many opportunities to show kindness and to nurture, re-evaluate or repair ties you have with family and friends. Jupiter is looming large and ready to shower abundance on anyone who is in vibrational consistency with the compassionate energies surrounding us.


July and August predict a more social period and is ideal for assessing just what it is you want in your life in order to be the happiest and most content you can be. It’s a fortuitous period of time for you, Aries – take advantage of it! September will begin with a burst of activity and a need to adjust to new situations or activities and will end with a focus on personal relationships. The stars indicate a reconnection with former friends or lovers and now is the perfect time to bring some peace or closure if that’s what you need. 


Considering the rollercoaster of emotions that the first half of the year brought to you, July and August call you to reflect on the progress you’ve made. It’s a good time to focus on family and close friends. Nurture these close relationships and demonstrate the appreciation you have of their love and trust. September will bring a bit of spice to your romantic life and there will be an explosion of creative and passionate dynamics surrounding you. All you need to do is keep the balance and make sure to recharge those batteries!


Following on from the successful financial vibes of June, July and August will be career-centric and will see many opportunities for new, improved or growth within your employment sphere. It’s worth your time to investigate any new income streams you might come across. Your natural keen business sense will stand you in good stead but do not forget to cast a critical eye over these opportunities as the stars governing contracts are a little cloudy. Make sure you focus on self-care in early September, because by the end of it you will be busy branching out into the world in new and exciting ways.


June brought about a relief of some heavy burdens so you should take it easy in July and August, especially health wise. Pay attention to your own intuition and don’t delay with any medical follow-ups. It’s a good time of the year to simply relax and reflect. September is a favourable time for you to market yourself or any product you might represent. Anything you write, speak or teach will be looked upon favourably by those you are communicating with. You’ll be able to connect to people with ease so use this influence with a true heart and you just might be pleasantly surprised.


July and August is your birthday and it’s time to shine! Enjoy the festivities but make sure you prioritise your responsibilities – you might feel the burn if you’re not paying attention, especially in the financial arena. Provided the seeds you sowed earlier this year have been nurtured, September will see the fruit start to bear. Prioritise your time this month and focus on the activities that are supporting the fulfilment of your goals. This month has the potential to shine a light on the path that will determine the next few years of your journey.


The first half of the year was full of new beginnings for Virgo folk. July and August is the time you will reap the benefits of all the little seeds you’ve sown. September will be a big month on the work front with a lot of opportunities to promote yourself or attract new business. Your financial resources will be highlighted, good or bad. A little bit of caution throughout the next couple of months will not go astray but there is no specific need to worry. If you are single, the end of the month is looking very favourable if you’re willing to put yourself out there, Virgo.


You may have had to make a few big choices in June and these are the cause of some big changes in your immediate surrounds through July and August. Your limits have been tested but ultimately these changes will bring some relief to the inner turmoil you’ve experienced. Planetary activity in September will force you to examine and reflect on the image you are presenting or contributions you are making to the world. Now is the perfect time to clarify the next steps you want to take in order to achieve your goals.


It’s a very intense time of year for Scorpio folk. Lots of emotions and feelings and desires and passion. All of this is a good thing, but perhaps not so conducive to making definitive choices. Hold off on any major decision but make sure you embrace the vibes because this is where you excel. July and August will ensure you understand that the world keeps turning, no matter how hard you try to exert your force over it. If the way things are going is at odds with your core purpose, use the time to explore the inner you and try to see any hold-ups as blessings.


Your efforts at work are at peak level in August but you’ll need to go that extra mile just to stay even. Overall, financial prosperity will be yours over the coming months, with the planets predicting success around banking and trading. September is your time to shine and everyone is going to be looking. Your career sector will be in focus and specifically you might be drawn to examine your higher calling or life purpose. You have the floor now Sagittarius, so if you need any assistance, call out. Collaboration energy is high!


All things are go for the Capricorn folk! Your 2nd House of Finances is full to the brim with the luck of Jupiter, so if you haven’t already experienced it, your career and finances will shine over these next few months. You may need to sacrifice an immediate ‘want’ for a long-term ‘need’ but the freedom this will bring you is worth it. Mid-August will bring opportunities to focus on your romantic life. Whether single or in a relationship, there is love in the air and September will bring the liberty to enjoy it. 


Did you experience that bump in the last month or so? It might have knocked you off your swing, but don’t write this year off yet. You have some auspicious stars governing you until December and this might bring the opportunity to take advantage of any missed opportunities. Take a break, recover and get your wonderful imagination into gear. Imagine your best life into existence! Don’t forget to dream your perfect health into the picture. Think about what you want your whole life to look like – body, mind, spirit, friends, family, and your contribution to the world. You can make it happen!


If you’ve been feeling less than yourself these past few months, Pisces, take heart. July and August are going to show you just how wonderful this world can be. You’ll be kept busy up until Christmas at least, but your positive outlook will keep you balanced. All things love and romance will be the focus for the start of September and shifts to business connections towards the end. One thing that remains central is you – how do you conduct yourself within these relationships? Examine the ways in which you might bring a better version of yourself to the party. This reflection will only lead to joyful growth and healing.



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