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Mars Retrograde 2022

A planet in retrograde is often described as going ‘backwards’. It’s just an illusion, of course – planets don’t move in reverse! The illusion occurs because of the difference in the speed of other planets orbiting the sun in comparison to Earth. A planet is in retrograde when they are at their closest approach to Earth which is why their effect is so powerful at this time.

Mars is the planet of energy, desire, action and ambition. Mars rules our natural instincts for survival, aggression, anger and drive. Mars retrograde occurs about once every two years and lasts for a couple of months. At the end of October and lasting right through to mid-January 2023, we may all be feeling the energy slump it inevitably brings with it. Mars in Gemini is a particularly powerful astrological transit at the best of times. Communication is white hot! Over-thinking and fast-talking will be general business. Given the Mars disposition to aggression or anger, we might all be well-advised to keep our lips zipped during the retrograde – especially with our bosses and loved ones. 

Mars retrograde 2022 will be a time for change for the folk born under the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and most beneficial for those born under the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). The cardinal sign folk (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will have it the easiest and should take this time to work through any personal issues they’ve been putting to the side throughout 2022.


The folk with Sun in Aries or an Aries rising sign will feel the Mars retrograde quite profoundly. Your natural competitive energy will turn inwards and can result in some fairly harsh self-criticism or negativity. The best advice I can give a fiery Aries during this time is to relax. I mean, really relax. Don’t take on any extra tasks or responsibilities and try to un-busy that hectic schedule you keep. 


Your concentration will be ten-fold during this time and your perseverance at an all-time high. Use this focus to plan and explore any leads in all areas of your life. While you might face some challenges in the workspace with any ego-driven personalities, focussing on clear communication or simply zipping your lips will be an easy remedy. Money matters will be front and centre – now is not the time to splurge. 


Growth is the key word for you during this period of time, Gemini. Spiritual, emotional, professional or financial. It’s not dependant on the healthy relationships you have with your bosses, partners or friends, but it will certainly be enhanced by them. In fact, many investments you have put in the time with and made a point to nurture have potential for reward right now. The only thing potentially standing in your way is your scattered attention.


Now is the time for thinking, not for action. Take a step back and assess your situation. To the best of your ability, surround yourself with those people who bring out the best in you and want the best for you. It might seem like you’re being stymied at every move but it’s just the Universe telling you to put off now what you can do tomorrow. Plot your best course of action and come 2023, you will be raring to go.


You are not at your best when things are slow-moving, Leo. Despite your best efforts to hurry it all along, it’s going to take as long as it takes. If career progression is on your agenda, Leo, you can relax. It’s coming! Professional targets will be met with ease and recognition is highly likely. Just have a wee bit of patience and cooperate with others. Not everyone has your levels of energy or ambition and charging ahead on your own won’t bring you the rewards you’re after. 


No one likes a bossy-boots, Virgo. Be the leader your friends or colleagues need, not the domineering tyrant you occasionally want to let loose. Any attitude less than this will only trip you up and thwart your success. Take the time to clarify what people need and endeavour to provide that. The Mars retrograde isn’t likely to get under your skin, lucky you, but you’re probably dealing with people who are affected by it. Your resourcefulness and good sense will be sought after, and you are in a good position to help.


Your biggest challenge for the rest of 2022 will be that you are misunderstood. Use that knowledge to get ahead of the curve. Take time for clear and concise conversations and understand everyone has different priorities. There is more than one path to the solution. Look at the bigger picture and figure backwards. Determine exactly what it is you want to achieve and make sure everyone understands their part in creating it. strl


Even though you’re likely to breeze through the Mars retrograde unscathed, now is not the time to force progress in anything work or money related. In fact, neutrality will be your best bet in succeeding at this time. Discuss plans and any changes that might be occurring so that you know everyone is on the same page. Focus on ‘going with the flow’ or simply being there for people and you will keep an even keel.


OK Sag, time to take one for the team. You’re probably the hardest hit out of all the signs this retrograde. It’s not like there is doom and gloom awaiting you, but moderation and remembering that all things pass will be in your favour right through until January. Don’t bottle your emotions and thoughts up if or when things change, just don’t let loose a tirade you might regret later. Moderation. Measure. Calm. You can do it!


You have a lot to do, and it seems like every little thing is getting in your way. How about, instead of exploding every other day, you focus on the resources available to you and take any ‘down time’ as an excuse for some self-care? You’re in a good position to achieve your goals in the work arena but a short temper will alienate those people who can further your cause. Just a little patience is all you need.


Money, money, money. Although the retrograde isn’t going to get under your skin Aquarius, you may have a lot of niggling issues in relation to the dollar. People asking you for a loan? Lots of paperwork? Bills to sort through? None of it will be a bad experience, just annoying. Keep your expenses to a minimum if you can. Take note of any genius ideas! Your creative side is vibrant right now but time to action these ideas is upcoming.


With effort comes reward. Your finance and career section are in focus for the rest of the year. The Mars retrograde might force changes or a seemingly unstable ground, but you’ve laid the foundation, Pisces, and you will begin to reap the rewards. It might be a monetary payoff, it might be recognition, it might even be new opportunities to progress. Whatever form it takes, keep a level head and distance yourself from any negativity. 



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