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The Wise Witch – Essential Components of Magick

For magick to be successful, it must contain these essential components:
A clear intention: You must know without a shadow of a doubt exactly what it is you are wanting to achieve. Prior to deciding this, you must look at it from all angles and investigate possible consequences; what could go wrong and what will be affected by it.

Also do a divinatory reading to learn whether the outcome will be favourable or not.
This is where your work of self-discovery will come in extremely handy. For if you do not first know yourself, how can you know what you truly want and need? Once you have worked this out, you will develop a specific but concise intention for your working.

Emotion and will: You must be able to feel into the result and tap into the future emotion of already having what you desire. It must be something that you can see and feel, as if it has already happened. I call this a future memory.

Focus: It is absolutely imperative that you can focus your mind like a laser on the outcome and not waver, doubt or become distracted. When you have raised the energy and are directing it to create your outcome, you don’t want to risk thinking about something that you DON’T want, then end up making THAT happen instead or as well. This is why regular meditation and focus and visualisation exercises are so important; for new witches especially.

Energy: This is the power that brings the spell to fruition. You must create a container (circle) to contain the energy and raise it up to a peak. You can do this by dancing, drumming, chanting, through trance, emotion, sexual energy or a number of other techniques. Then you send it out and direct it to where it needs to go to create your new reality.

So, learning about energy and how to work with it, is one of the first skills that must be mastered. It is often helpful to use certain items to represent and connect you to the outcome or whatever it is you wish to affect.

Visualisation: This ties in with focus. Being able to see the outcomes in your mind. This does not happen the same for everyone and is rarely like watching a movie playing in your mind’s eye. Many of us have more of a ‘knowing’. A better word for ‘Visualise’ is ‘Imagine’.

Divine or spiritual assistance: Pretty self explanatory.

Timing: If you want to go all out, you can perform the spell on the correct day and at the correct time to gain extra planetary influence and power.

Silence: When you are done, you must trust, without a doubt, that it has worked and then forget about it!! DO NOT talk about it or obsess or worry, because you pull back and scatter the energy. You send out mixed signals and basically ‘f’ it all up for yourself. This is one thing that many ‘Insta-witches’ don’t get. They post photos and brag. They may get SOME results, but certainly not what they COULD have had. Sadly it then encourages newer witches to do the same, which ruins their chances of achieving what they worked for and damages their confidence.

There are exceptions, like talking to a mentor, but they should explain what and when it’s ok.
These are the ESSENTIAL components of successful Magick.
There are other things that enhance your work, but they are not essential.

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