Are You Listening?

Do you know you soul’s purpose for reincarnating? If you do, congratulations, but many people are feeling lost and discontent because there is a void in their hearts which they don’t know how to fill. If this is you, your soul is calling! Life can be hard, but I know now that nothing in life happens by chance – everything happens for a reason and leads you to the next stage in your soul’s development. Lessons to be learned may come in the form of difficult relationships, life circumstances or financial crisis’ – however they come know that the resolution of these lessons are meant to lead you to the path of higher knowledge and greater wisdom.

A lot of people coming to me are at a crossroads where everything is changing. This is actually a good thing, in my view, because it is actually an opportunity for transitional change. The problem with transition is that it can be messy, upsetting and divisive, mainly because, while your energies are shifting, many of your friends and loved ones may be refusing to acknowledge that change is necessary and remain firmly stuck in their ‘stuff.’ When life hits you with a curveball out of the blue, it is an opportunity for reflection on what you may be holding onto that needs to be eliminated out of your life, be it physical or conceptual.

All of us are guided by our angels and soul family who will give us the push, or pushes, that we need, depending on whether we choose to listen or not. If we ignore the signs, the push is likely to become a shove or a real slap in the face that we can finally not ignore! The thing is, the change coming, as scary as it is, could be the one that sets you on the path to realising your soul’s purpose for being on Earth.

Everything happens for a reason. If we always act on the premise that there are no coincidences, we are much more likely to allow our guides to help us. So, it’s time to start listening and noticing the signs that are being shown to you. Embracing them, and the fact that the changes that are occurring may actually be a good thing, even if it isn’t apparent right at this moment, may help the transition to be easier and for your path to become crystal clear much more quickly.

I wish you all the best!

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth channeled by Victoria Cochrane is full of beautiful messages from the Masters to help humans to learn to live more in harmony with Mother Earth. Every chapter is accompanied by a meditation, which have also been recorded and are available when you buy the book.

Now Victoria has released Oracle Cards that contain an inspirational quote from the book, with an important part of the meditation on the back. So you can receive a quick inspirational message to start each day!

The book is available from Victoria’s website and all online sellers for $29, with the cards only available direct from Victoria for $35 plus postage. Book and cards packages are available for the reduced price of $58.00.



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Are You Listening?

Do you know you soul’s purpose for reincarnating? If you do, congratulations, but many people are feeling lost and discontent because there is a void

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