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Numerology – September & October 2022 Forecast

September Forecast

The Universal month is calculated by adding the current month to the current calendar year. September is the 9th month and the year is 2022, so we add those numbers together 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 which equals 15, then we add 1 + 5 to arrive at our base number 6. So, this month, we will be under the influence of the number six.

Home, family, friendships, duty, and feelings all come under this number. This month, take a step back and consider what is best for you as well as the greater good of all involved where family and close ties are concerned. September is a month where we can be drawn into issues involving other people as well as dealing with our own needs and feelings. Responsibilities should be tackled with a sense of great care. This means prioritising the most important demands upon us and allowing the lesser duties to fall by the wayside so that you don’t end up spreading yourself too thin. Think before you agree to anything, especially where manipulators are concerned, and be realistic regarding how long it takes to complete tasks and/or projects.
Because relationships are highlighted, you might have to make decisions where someone closest to you is concerned. This can involve having to end a relationship or showing some tough love. Alternatively, you might need to give more consideration to yourself or a loved one during this period, nurturing and being nurtured can go a long way throughout September. Keep your nose out of people’s business and try to avoid being emotionally influenced; the latter can be achieved by taking the higher ground – the outcome of any given situation depends on how you react.

Legal dealings or anything to do with the law should be managed with integrity because the truth will prevail under this vibration. Any changes made now where your family and friendships are concerned – even difficult changes – have a greater chance of benefiting you in the future. Make decisions that align with your highest purpose and long-term happiness during this period. Music and practices involving stretching the muscles can be beneficial during September and a good chat with a trusted friend or family member can be just what the doctor ordered.

Favourable endeavours to undertake throughout this cycle are genealogy, renovating or revitalising the interior of your home, preparing vegetable gardens, maintaining established gardens, acting on money-saving ideas such as building a polytunnel so that you can grow food year-round, installing solar panels (on a payment plan if you cannot afford it outright), and replacing old whitegoods with power saving products. If you are entitled to government rebates, check out what they can offer you.

October Forecast

Again, we add the Universal month to the current calendar year. October is the 10th month, and the year is 2022, so we add those numbers together 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 which equals 7. So, this month, we will be under the influence of the base number seven.

What do you want to enhance or achieve? Where do you see yourself heading? These are just some questions you might entertain throughout the month ahead. The number seven asks us to be more analytical about our choices and to listen to our intuition when making decisions for ourselves. Research, discuss your options, and rely on your gut instincts before making any final commitments.

Study and educational pursuits come under this number. If you are interested in learning a trade, go for it! You might be keen to acquire new talents or strengthen an area of expertise that you already practise, now is the time to add to your arsenal. Spiritual influences can be of great benefit to you under this vibration, so if you’re keen on developing these skills, investigate what courses and options are available to you. This can include religious, metaphysical, or psychological studies.

During a seven cycle, many tend to withdraw and seek solace within. Go with the flow and if you feel a little more introverted, use this time to think about all the aspects of your life that may not be working for you. What areas of your life do you need or want to make changes? What is it that you would like to pursue or deepen? Guided meditations, automatic writing, and journaling can help you find answers to the questions you are pondering.

If you have any type of divination tools, these can be of immense help to you during this cycle, otherwise, you could seek the advice of a professional who knows how to gaze at the future to help with your decision-making. If divination isn’t your thing, some other options to consider include leaning on your faith, speaking to a counsellor or a psychologist, or even a friend.
This isn’t the right time to rush things, rather, follow your gut feelings and allow for life to unfold and show you where you need to go. If something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t add up, listen to that inner voice. Important documents should be read thoroughly and if you don’t understand what you’re reading, it would be wise for you to seek professional advice.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep and try to avoid or limit any indulgences such as alcohol, gambling, medication, stimulants, etc. Unnecessary gratifications and luxuries will only lead to unhappiness. A nice quiet trip away to the country, some time alone near the water, or relaxing quietly with an enjoyable book will help to cope with life’s stresses. It’s all about finding a happy balance that works for you this month.

Amanda E Burgess is the author of Numerology & Your House.



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