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Move Over and Let Miracles Happen

The honour of a life is a blessing. The blessing of a life is a gift. Before we become a physical being we make a soul agreement between our soul family, guides, and the Divine.

It is more a compilation of vows, to honour our soul’s journey of evolving and ascension. In following our agreement our life experience is purposeful and full of meaning.

When we break our agreement and vows, we bring discord and imbalance to our daily life. We can adjust in an instant and bring the blessings and gift of our life into harmony again.

When we listen to our spoken words, when we check in on our promises to yourself and others, we can fine tune our harmony and happiness.

When we do what brings us joy, and when we do what lights us up we are honouring the blessing and gift of our life – that is the lived experience in the physical world.

When we BE what lights us up; when we BE what brings us joy, we are in the highest alignment with the Divine Creator and our Soul.

We are in our highest alignment to our vows.

Simple practices to live the blessing and gift of your life:

  • Begin your day with a check-in of your thoughts and words.
  • Write down the things that light you up.
  • Write down what brings you joy.
  • And then choose which of those you will BE today.
  • Embody and embrace the miracles when you move over and let your soul guide you.


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