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The Wise Witch – Addiction/Obsession Spell

The Wise Witch – Addiction/Obsession Spell


Addiction, Obsession… both can be extremely harmful and also seemingly impossible to break.

There is no magick OFF switch or quick fix but there are ways to assist and break the energetic hold they have on you.

The mental part takes determination and strength, but once the energetic attachments and binding are removed, it is a hell of a lot easier!

Like anything, it comes down to you and how committed you are.

Do you want to WANT to change or are you truly committed and prepared to do what it takes?
If it’s the latter, this spell will definitely help make it easier for you.

If it’s the former, you most likely have some deeper wounds to heal and root causes to dig out first. You will need:

  • 1 red candle
  • Deep bowl
  • Water to fill the bowl ¾ (leave enough room so that you can put the candle in without it overflowing)


Red represents the excessive, obsessive drives of your unhealthy behaviour. You can use black for banishing or white as a substitute if you can’t find red).

I recommend doing it whilst the moon wanes. So, AFTER the full moon when it is shrinking (waning) again.

1. Light the candle.
2. Sit and gaze into the flame, bringing up all the related images, anxieties, pain, problems and negative feelings; all your self-destructive urges and drives to do with the harmful behaviour.
3. Now channel them all into the candle flame. You may like to hold the candle and push all that energy down through your arm and out your hand into the candle.
4. Repeat over and over so it builds power:
“I command you to leave! You no longer control me!
“Your power is gone, from your chains, I’m set free!”
5. Chant it until it reaches a peak and you have built up the energy to a climax, then plunge the candle flame first into the water.
6. As you plunge say:
“YOU ARE NOW BANISHED! We’re no longer tethered!
“You cannot drive me, all ties have been severed!”
7. Leave the candle in the water and raise your arms high, stand up tall and say:
“I choose to be free! I choose to rise!”
8. See yourself living life to the fullest free of obsession, compulsions, addictions and harmful behaviour.
9. Wrap the candle and bury it off your property if it is a natural material, like beeswax or soy. If it’s paraffin, place it in a bin that is off your property.
10. Flush the water down the toilet allowing any remnants of the obsession/compulsion/ addiction to be flushed away too.
11. Go for a walk outdoors and breathe the freedom.
12. If it is a major, deep-rooted issue, repeat it every Monday until new moon.

Allisandra Moon is a Priestess, Psychic Healer, Shamanic Witch and Spiritual Coach.

Contact her via messenger:



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