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Numerology – May & June 2022 Forecast

May 2022 Forecast

The Universal month is calculated by adding the current month to the current calendar year. May is the 5th month and the year is 2022, so we add those numbers together 5 + 2 + 2 + 2 which equals 11, then 1 + 1 = 2. The two is the lesser vibration of the master number eleven. Master numbers in numerology are powerful and testing numbers that can intensify its lower denomination. The number 11 is ruled by the planet Uranus which represents freedom, discovery, invention, change and independence.

So, with that, how might this Universal cycle affect you?
You can expect the month of May to be highly charged. Restless energy is quite common under this cycle and you are more likely to wind up in situations where you’ll be faced with having to make some significant choices. If you find yourself under the pump where quick decisions need to be made, try not to be too impulsive. Rather, take a moment to weigh up the pros and cons and listen to your intuition which will be enhanced during this period. This month will be a time of great awakening, an inner awakening as well as a collective one. A touch of realism will help you to differentiate between fact from fiction.

Relationships, partnerships and people in general will feature more heavily, as will the need for more personal freedom – how this plays out will depend on your circumstances, but as an example you might be drawn into situations where you need to determine the best course of action around a business partnership, a personal relationship, or there could be obligations tied to the law that are in need of your attention. If you have children, decisions related to their education can be prominent, or it could be you who has commitments or decisions to be made related to your own higher learning. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that the 11-master number gives the moderate number 2 the courage and power it needs to step up to the plate and shine.

Avoid the lower energy of the number 11/2 such as involving yourself in petty disputes, allowing fear or heighted emotions to get the better of you, increased sensitivity, being self-conscious or anxious, or focussing on details to the point of becoming stuck in a repetitive pattern. On a positive note, if you’re attracted to delving deeper into the spiritual side of life, it would be a prime opportunity to explore the interests you’re keen on. You’ll certainly benefit from enlightened ideologies such as mystical or religious philosophies. Those of you who are inspired by or drawn to creativity, such as art, craft, writing, advertising, media, or the entertainment industry; should follow their passion.

No matter what your personal experiences are in May, maintain high ideals, set realistic goals, and seek to find enlightenment and the meaning behind any lessons that come your way. Listen to music to sooth the soul.

June 2022 Forecast

Again, we add the Universal month to the current calendar year. June is the 6th month and the year is 2022, so we add those numbers together 6 + 2 + 2 + 2 which equals 12, then we add 1 + 2 together to arrive at the final sum of 3.

The month of June, being a three vibration, will bring opportunities to connect with family and friends. In general, you are more inclined to want to socialise during this period. It is the perfect time to organise community events or special occasions for a coming together with those you resonate with. Steer clear of any involvement in gossip, telling tales, or being critical or cynical, and be on the lookout for shonky people and get-rich-quick schemes. When taking on tasks, apply yourself to a few jobs at a time to avoid dissipating your energy – becoming overwhelmed can result in unfinished undertakings.

The number three gives rise to circumstances where you can work on your communication skills. This can apply to verbal communication as well as the written word. Talking to, rather than talking at people, can help to alleviate tension and arguments. Choose your words and actions wisely. Discussions related to creature comforts can apply during this cycle. If you’re doing it tough, considerations around your needs verses your wants can be helpful in establishing more control over your life.

Self-expression can apply to creative ventures such as design, acting, artistic endeavours, or through how you express yourself in your personal style or in your home. If you’re looking to change your interior, renovate, or move furniture around, this would be the perfect time to make those changes.

The number three can create auspicious conditions, so use the power of positive thinking and manifestation to your advantage. This cycle calls for optimism – is your glass half full, and are you ready to inspire? Your actions and how you view the world will anticipate your encounters during June.

The mind, body and spirit should be taken into account throughout this cycle. Build on philosophies that can enhance and produce a healthier balance to your life, and allow for moments of rest and contemplation; especially when faced with events that weigh heavily on you. Assess, enquire, and consider your options before making firm decisions. Meditation and self-reflection will help you to gain a deeper perspective and can result in realisations that you may not have otherwise considered about yourself, those in your circle and about whatever it is you are currently experiencing.

Travel can be more common under this cycle, either for work obligations, social outings, dating or simply just to catch up with family and friends more often than you’ve been able to in the past. An acceptance of what is meant to be and letting go of unrealistic expectations will hold you in good stead. Listen to your gut feelings or that inner-voice for extra guidance.

Amanda E Burgess is the author of Numerology & Your House.



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