The Magic of Purpose

When I look back on my life (I’m 43), there are certain themes that have stuck with me throughout. My inner magnet has always kept me aligned with spiritual subjects, a need to create and a fascination with alternative healing and human behaviour.

I can identify certain pivotal moments when I made a decision – “I want to work with the mind” (age 14) or “I want to be an artist” that has kept me on task and following the proverbial breadcrumbs. At the time though, I had no idea where those thoughts would take me.

For as long as I can remember I have felt that I was here for a reason, yet wasn’t sure what that was. In my 20s I had a lagging sense of frustration and failure because I felt like I was wasting my time, but didn’t know what exactly I was supposed to be doing. In my 30s I realised that my ‘life purpose’ is not a specific career that I would do forever, but a way of being that could be utilised in any situation. THAT was a relief, and allowed me to explore life rather than trying to force some amorphous ‘purpose’ without a platform to express it.

Had you asked me as a teenager what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would have said one of these, depending on the year – a writer, ‘something creative’, a hypnotherapist, a medium, a psychic, a healer, or ‘someone that helps people’. My bedroom walls were plastered with my own drawings and paintings, as well as a collage of interesting artworks and beautiful nature photos clipped from magazines. I would go to all the psychic expos and fairs I could get to, and soak up the workshops like a sponge. I read fantasy novels and anything I could find to do with the supernatural, paranormal, unexplained, energy healing, essential oils, or psychics and mediums. I had my first past-life regression at age 18, because I wanted to know what hypnosis felt like. I was fascinated with the Celts, the Ancient Egyptians, the Arthurian Legends, Atlantis. I was (and still am) on a treasure hunt for magic, wonder and transformation.

Now nearly 30 years later, I’m a little bit mind-blown. All of these interests have managed to weave themselves together in a fascinating way that I never would have predicted. My need to create led to my daily art practice. My fascination with colour and healing pulled me towards a Diploma in Colour Therapy. As I created artworks for friends going through tough times I started to infuse my artworks with intentions and oils, and found myself receiving messages for them. My Energy Imprint artworks, readings and 1:1 sessions combine colour, intuition, energy, essential oils, intention, healing, inner work and writing. I’ve co-authored a book which is an international best seller and created my own card deck. I’m doing ALL the things on my teenage list.

We all have a different journey, but know this – YOU create your life from the actions you take. We don’t all need to run our own business or be Oprah to make a difference in the world, we just need to do the things that light us up. So if YOU are wondering what your purpose is, start by doing the things you love, and see what magic happens.



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