The Dark Night of the Soul & What it Possibly Means for You

We all go through periods of sadness and discouragement but mostly we are able to ride the waves of these emotions and return back to our inner balance.

What happens if we seem unable to regain balance? What if we feel as though we are slipping into darkness? Our old selves no longer exist and we feel as though we are in a void. We are no longer a caterpillar but we are not yet a butterfly. The dark night of the soul is no ordinary sadness, it is much deeper than this. It could be called a sickness of your spirit and in my opinion, it originates from a deep and consistent misaligned life. Living in misalignment for extended periods of time crushes our spirit and eats away at our vibrancy.

In fact, this period of the dark night of the soul is actually a sign of a higher calling and the key is finding the gift in the darkness. You need to acknowledge your darkness but also revitalise your joy and love of life. The dark night of the soul is a spiritual process where our vibrant spirits are buried within the soil of suffering, this is the beginning of the death and rebirth process. It can be exhausting but show yourself lots of empathy and kindness. It is a sign to find true inner happiness and purpose. To revitalise those dusty dreams inside you and to connect to your spirit and to nature.

Find a deeper meaning in your life and return back to a place of balance. Sit with your darkness and ask it what it needs, feel what you are yearning for.

In today’s society, a majority of people live their lives on autopilot and never really feel into their consciousness. This experience is a sharp shock to wake up. It anchors you to explore your own self-awareness and a new appreciation for your awakened consciousness. You really start to see and feel what is truly important. Give yourself permission to slow down, and surround yourself with empathy and love. Know that this too shall pass, you just have to surrender. xx

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