Tarot – January & February 2023

For this issue I’m using the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

January 2023 Reading

General: Ace of Swords

And we’re off with a bang! Here we go, welcome 2023, this is an amazing, very powerful energy. Clarity of mind, new opportunities and fresh ideas are all yours for the taking. It’s time to avoid falling back into any toxic habits or destructive patterns that may have followed you from 2022. This is your chance for a clean slate in so many areas of your life. Embrace new perspectives and exciting projects to sink your teeth into, if you move forward into this energy with a head-down, bum-up approach, the big planning and motivation coupled with your bright spark of mind will be an unstoppable and blessed combination. You will have a heightened level of discernment with those around you who may try to pull the wool over your eyes or attempt to pass ‘half truths’, you’ll easily see through these and take swift and appropriate action. Happy New Year indeed!

Love/Romance: Ace of Swords (again)

Many love connections have been through a challenging time with communication in the last quarter of 2022, and now with the new year arriving that energy will decrease in confusion but increase with intensity. Any unfinished business supposedly ‘swept under the rug’ will be brought back into the limelight for discussion and conclusion. This will be a heated time in relationships with the soft love and romance taking a back seat to forthright and somewhat heavy home truths. Be sure to pick your battles and rise above any pettiness that may rear its head. This is a time for clear and honest communication in your connection in order to get on the same page and create a level of understanding and resolve. Be clear and gentle as can be.

Family/Domestic: Page of Swords and Ace of Pentacles

I have three words for you – “Stick to budget.” The new calendar year and Capricorn season promote a wonderful energy portal to create a budget for the year. Once this is created and agreed upon, all members of the house must be in agreement to adhere to it, otherwise, you risk all the work being undone and causing more harm than good. Attention to detail will be rewarded. On another note, keep your wits about you for any triggers on the home front, and avoid anyone making mountains out of molehills. Do your best to be patient as the home life becomes what you want it to be, it won’t happen overnight but bit by bit it shows promise with some intentional planning.

Work/Career: The Magician

Just what the magician ordered! January 2023 brings with it an all-bright and unlimited future for a career. Be ready to seize the opportunities that may just ‘fall at your feet’ and make them what you will. Ripe with manifestation energy, it’s time to say yes to the promotion, new working hours, and new-found convenience that could be offered to you. For those who have been pondering about their own business ventures, this is also blessed with a magic wand this month. A conducive time to back yourself and have fun doing it. Gone are the days when work life has to be a drag, it’s time to do what you want and fill in the gaps to suit your life. Your career is now yours for the making!

The Magician tarot card

Health/Wellbeing: Queen of Pentacles and Two of Swords

Just like this gorgeous one-of-a-kind magazine, it’s time for a REBIRTH of sorts to take place, expect to feel a nudge to nurture and care for yourself. On a collective scale the universe has pushed for people to become more accountable for their own health and wellbeing, this forces your hand to take your self-care seriously or abdicate it completely – the choice is yours.

Taking the time to create a healthy and well-balanced routine will be very rewarded. Get to know what fills your cup and what drains it, simply do more of the former and much less of that latter. Rediscovering your body through movement will lay a fantastic foundation, followed up closely by increasing the quality of your sleep/rest time and hydration.

When we meet our body’s needs our body will always meet ours.

February 2023 Reading

General: 6 of Wands

Pop the bubbly, it’s time to celebrate. Finally there is not just movement but highly sought-after acknowledgment coming your way. All of your efforts will be paying off in many ways. This month brings with it a chance for you to capitalize on your leadership roles and create new opportunities for one and all. There will be good vibes all round with a true sense of things being right in the world for any injustice you recently felt. Now is the time to build your profile and step into the spotlight. You’ll find supportive networks and partnerships available or even in some cases saving you all the leg work and seeking you out for collaboration. This time is promising for team work, unity and common goals.

Love/Romance: Page of Pentacles and 5 of Cups

On the back of last month’s energy being heated and somewhat harsh, this is a breath of fresh air for close relationships. A time for building new foundations, pushing forward with what you’re after in your connection and working as a team to make magic happen. Do your best to not cry of spilt milk and be active with counting the blessings of a situation close to you. Think marathon, not sprint, with your new-found relationship goals and you’ll be just fine. New love will blossom in unexpected circumstances, be open to receiving offers and avoid judging a book by its cover.

Existing relationships have weathered a somewhat storm and are now in recovery mode – jump back into the positive swing of things and find the spark again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Family/Domestic: 8 of Cups

Time to take matters in your own hands and change what isn’t working for you. In amongst all of the hoopla of the new year and focusing on many areas of your life, it’s easy to overlook the home and domestic situation. No longer will this area of your life lay dormant, there will be a push to leave or change things so your home life matches the new you. Feeling the powerful urge to declutter, move furniture around, or move location will be avoidable. There may be extra pressure on the family’s financial situation during this month, but being proactive with making these changes will help ease the pinch and create a beautiful new space. Home should be a hug as soon as you walk in. Keep things quality over quantity for a happy result.

Work/Career: Ace of Swords and (Jumper – 2 of Cups)

Exciting new energy is about providing new networks, partnerships, and collaborations. This usher in positive new results that create mutual benefits. Working smarter not harder is the theme this month, in addition to, working once and getting paid many times. Teamwork will get things over the line with everyone equally contributing and supporting the overall goals. A thirst will also be quenched with the chance to sink your teeth into a project you will believe in. You can bank on a feeling of hard work followed by happy satisfaction. You’re encouraged to embrace new ideas for new and old problems alike. If you’re self-employed, be sure to vet all connections to see if a particular product or service is still the right fit for your business.

Health/Wellbeing: 9 of Wands

An overall sense of feeling drained and fatigued will remain, unfortunately. The battle for health and well-being empowerment on a collective scale seems to still be in the works. Are you responding to your body’s messages to rest and rejuvenate? Are you prioritizing your self-care? The good news is, there is positive movement in this area of life, but it doesn’t seem to be consistent. Do your best to actively care for yourself in these draining times. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for any effort put back into yourself. Be weary of any old or chronic injuries making a comeback – hold them at bay and pave the way forward to a well-balanced lifestyle.

Missy Rivers is a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Teacher.



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