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The Keys to the Magic of Manifesting

To manifest means to bring into being, to have something come to you in your life.

Firstly, understanding what you want is only superficial. Getting what you want, or desire means you know what it means to you on a much deeper level.

To manifest is easy; you do it every day without realising, you see all you think and say is the basis of manifesting. The curve ball is you most often end up with all that you say you don’t want!

When you set out to manifest anything in your life, the first thing that will come up is objections and blocks, all of these will be fear-based and relevant to your sense of worth, believing in you and limiting beliefs. These blocks show up in your body and the little thoughts that sneak in and play over and over in the background such as:
“It will never happen.”
“It’s ok for others.”
“I have too much to do for others.”
“Things are always a struggle for me.”
“It sounds great but is not true.”
“It’s too hard, I’m too busy.”

The keys to the magic of manifesting your wishes are:
– Know what having your desire/wish come into your reality will mean to your life.
– Know from your heart how having your wish/desire will bring you to a greater sense of life purpose.
– Be sure your desire/wish is aligned to your beliefs and values.
– Live consciously knowing your every thought, and being aware of the power of the words you speak.
– See yourself with your wish in the now.

The magic is to have all these keys in sync, it takes for only one to be out of sync and you will not create magic.

The 3rd key is the all-important key to success of manifesting! Be aligned to all that you are.

You must know and live your beliefs and values without exception every single day.

Be the Director of your mind, keep the negative non-believing comments out.

To be a master manifestor come on over and join the H.E.A.L community:



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