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A Conscious Guide to the Tools to Support You Through Your Spiritual Awakening Journey!

The spiritual awakening journey can be a challenging one, especially if you feel out of balance and find it difficult to function in your everyday life.

You may be feeling sensitivity to surrounding energies and toxic environments. You may be struggling to integrate your spiritual gifts and the changing conscious shifts that you are experiencing. If you are an empath you might also be over-giving with your energy and time in holding space to support others. This can feel exhausting and you can become easily burnt out and disconnected within yourself and from your spiritual source. This means that you are being led further away from feeling some of the spiritual bliss that comes with ‘a spiritual awakening’. When I experienced my own spiritual awakening, I was in a state of spiritual crisis. I felt confused, ungrounded, exhausted and like I was going crazy at times. I needed to have more balance in my life as I was led to a spiritual path and I was on a self-healing journey. I felt called to be a spiritual teacher and to help other people in their own spiritual awakening, but I needed to learn the tools to assist myself first. If we do not take care of ourselves through self-care and keep our health and well-being and our energy high-vibrational, then we can become easily burnt out as healers and empaths or in any type of care-giving role.

These are some of my favourite practices to keep balanced and grounded while walking the spiritual journey:

  1. Spend time outside in nature, walking with your feet on the earth, soaking in the sunlight and breathing in the fresh air.
  2. Spend time near or in the ocean and have regular salt baths to cleanse your energy and any toxins from your physical body and your energy field.
  3. Smudge your living environment and your own physical energy field frequently with smoke, using sage smudge sticks or incense.
  4. Surround yourself with healing energy crystals, wearing them as jewelry and in your home and work environment.
  5. Music – listen to relaxing and high vibrational music in your environment and when you are drifting off to sleep and during meditation.
  6. Use essential oils in a diffuser and in spray bottles to clear your environment and lift your own vibrational energy.


Space clearing essences such as bush flowers are also a great way to clear energy. All of these go-to tools have helped to keep me balanced and my energies grounded and clear so that I can live a conscious and balanced life and enjoy the spiritual connection on Earth and with the spirit world. If I can assist you on your own individual spiritual awakening journey and support you further in integrating and balancing your spiritual gifts and the ever-changing and processing of conscious energies and shifts, please connect with me further.

Christina is a spiritual coach and therapist who offers support for your spiritual awakening journey.



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