The Benefits of Crystals in Skin Care and Treatments

Healers and Sharmans have known for centuries the curative and restorative properties of gems and crystals. Our cells interact with electromagnetic fields and can absorb energy from gems and crystals. Crystals and gems are piezoelectric, which means they hold energy, and they generate a tiny electric voltage.

Crystals are millions of years old and were formed during the earliest parts of the Earth’s formation. Crystals emit a vibratory frequency. Crystals have a similar wavelength to the human body and it is believed that they can enhance the body’s own natural healing process. Crystal healing as a modality harnesses the energetic properties of crystals to influence the client’s energy field.

The use of crystals in beauty dates back as far as the 7th Century in China, where the skin was scraped to promote oxygenation and regeneration. Crystals can aid in the reduction of puffiness around the eyes and promote lymphatic draining as well as tightening of pores.

Certain types of crystals have the ability to be warmed and also cooled providing unique benefits to the skin. When used in a facial under the correct pressure they can release tight fascia, allowing the skin to detox and radiantly glow. Myofascia are released easily when the skin is warmed. Hence why we warm the stones to around 50 degrees. The heat generated relaxes the myofascia and muscles allowing neck tension to be released and for the warmth to increase circulation. When the fascia is over used it folds in on itself causing the formation of wrinkles.

Skin after crystal therapy has an acceleration of both blood and lymph as the circulation is increased, allowing the skin to detoxify. Muscles are relaxed and nutrients are brought to the skin. In a crystal treatment a blend of hot and cold therapy is used for its healing abilities on the skin.

At The Skin Herbalists we use 3 unique Australian stones for their esoteric and physical properties. The stones aid in chakra balancing.

Blue Ice is our cold stone and sourced from North Queensland. This unique crystal comes from the marble family and has soothing and calming abilities. It looks like ice locked together. Its metaphysical qualities are aligned with the throat chakra and allows for clear communication and connecting with the heart chakra.

Kunzite is a pretty pink and is sourced from Western Australia. It is made up of manganese, spodumene and quartz. It is the crystal of love and aids in the communication of love, healing heartaches and nervousness, helping to clear negative energy and clearing your aura.

Rhodonite is a beautiful dark pink and is also sourced from Western Australia. It is made up of manganese inosilicate. It is the stone of compassion, an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and that nurtures love. It stimulates, clears and activates the heart. It grounds energy, balancing yin-yang and aids in achieving one’s highest potential. It heals emotional shock and panic.

During a crystal stone facial you not only get incredible results but it also balances your body, mind and soul by harmonising your chakras. We combine our treatments with a gem infused range of natural products that enhance the skin’s health.



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