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Embracing the Void

Most people I know do not like the feeling and energy of being in the Void. It is that time experienced between death and the rebirth, transmutation or upgrading energetically. People can feel extreme detachment and apathy as well as depression or feelings of self-criticism for not being able to escape from the Void energies.

It is that feeling like you are out of sync with time and everything is holding its breath before you quantum leap or finally, immerge from the Void space.

There is a card in Kim Krans, ‘Wild Unknown Archetype Deck’ called The Empty Room. When I connected with this card and its meaning… it forever changed my perceptions of being in the Void.

Kim Krans drew the parallel of being in the Void to being similar to sitting on a chair in an empty room. How uncomfortable that is and instead of sitting there in the emptiness, we instead fight it. This was a breakthrough moment for me. I am someone who likes to know and understand why something is happening so I can have a sense of control.

There is no control in the Void. You have to just sit in that chair in an empty room. I would try to fill my empty room with things, clutter it up and distract myself from the awful feeling of being alone, with nothing but me and the room. I would constantly try to ask questions, do energy healings, and affirmations or ask others how they were.

If I felt depressed, needed to sleep in the middle of the day or I just felt detached about everything, I was constantly analysing myself. I was always looking for what had I done to cause this or was it astrological influences. What lessons was I having to learn, what was I healing, etc.

After connecting with the Empty Chair Card I realised there were 3 very important phases when embracing being in the void instead of fighting it.

1. We always ask for change. Either knowingly or unknowingly. We can consciously go into prayer or intention and ask to heal our abundance blocks for example. Or we can unknowingly think to ourselves, I am ready for the next stages of my spiritual journey… or I am ready to be rich, I am so sick of being poor. When you are in the Void and you feel depressed and flat or detached, I have found it incredibly comforting to remind myself, this is normal and I asked for this. I asked for change. Most of the time these days I know exactly what I have knowingly or unknowingly asked for, but sometimes I go into the Void unaware and I know in my bones that when I come out the other side I will discover why.

2. Surrendering to your intuition and emotions are key. If your intuition or body is telling you to go and sleep then you allow yourself to do so. If your instincts say to stay away from people because you are too irritated or sensitive, then it’s vital to honour that. If you feel like crying, being sad, or feeling emotional, do so! I went through the Void space while writing this article because I was tapping into this archetypal energy. My greatest emotion on the last day was, “I am so thoroughly sick of myself”, and I ranted to a friend, then put a movie on and allowed myself to wallow in my despair. That might sound dramatic but it works. There is no room for logic in the Void. It is a place for Mystic to come through.

3. Do not ever forget that you are surrounded by beings who love you unconditionally. It is during this phase that you need to ask Spirit for help. You ask to be shown anything which needs to be healed. You ask for upgrades and open yourself to becoming more powerful. You ask how you can be of service to others and to be shown why you are in the Void. It is important to remember that sometimes you will have incredible epiphanies in the Void and receive life-changing information. But sometimes it is just healing that you need. You could be going through a massive energetical upgrade or you could have just let go of a core belief pattern and your soul needs time to regroup and realign. If you can remember these 3 phases you will embrace the Void and work with it instead of fighting it and prolonging the experience. I personally find the second phase the hardest. Because just like the card suggests, I want to fill my empty room with distractions.

During my most recent Void experience, I had a list of things needing doing and had extreme frustration which moved into feeling completely flat and depressed. Instead of surrendering, I wanted to blame myself and work out what lesson I was learning. I tried to force myself to work on something I didn’t want to do and forgot to ask my guides for help.

So many people want to label anger, frustration, depression and feeling lost as bad, evil or they are ‘lower vibrations’. But when you are in the Void… it is no good or bad. If you label something as bad and fight it, you will just fill your empty room up with judgment and stay stuck in the Void for longer.

The moment I fully surrendered and allowed myself to experience feeling depressed and frustrated I opened myself up to come out of the Void. That night I did an energy healing on myself, prayed to my guides for help and I woke up feeling so much better, by the next day I was fully clear and out of the Void. I felt lighter, and clearer and I knew what I needed to do next. I understood what I had released and felt so positive for the next chapter of my life. By embracing the Void and not fighting it too hard, I only spent 3 days in that energy instead of 3 weeks or longer.

Everything is transforming so much faster these days. If you find yourself in the Void, please don’t fight it. Remember, you asked for change, surrender to your emotions and intuition and call upon your guides for clarity and help.




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