Tarot scopes by Missy Rivers

For this issue I’m using the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

July 2022 Reading

General: The Moon, 7 of Pentacles and The World (Jumpers)
This month enters our sphere with a bang. For the first time, there have been not just three cards for a section, but jumpers at that, thus indicating a very powerful message needing to come out. As we enter the second half of the year, something doesn’t feel quite right… The moon tells us to expect information to be hidden, something isn’t what it seems and for intuition to be trusted above all else. The evolution in this month, provides a positive turn of events with matters in a general sense bubbling up to be seen and managed, while ending in unlimited possibilities and freedom. Where the energy may start out rocky and uncertain, it transforms into an amazing opportunity for the future. From the dark comes the light!

Love/ Romance: Knight of Cups
It’s time to get excited about your love life, with good reason. Just when we all needed a taste of romance, the cosmos delivers the whole enchilada. “I’ll take two.” The month holds a very promising outlook in the love and romance arena, with an enchanting spirit of good communication, feeling connected with new and existing loved ones and restoking that intimate fire burning in us all. With a vibrant pep in the step, people will be feeling more inclined to express their emotions and take risks for the connections they hold dear. Finally a chance to prioritise emotional needs will be provided and I’m pleased to report – enjoyed!

Family/ Domestic: 7 of Wands
Seemingly in keeping with the month’s theme, the family and domestic life looks like it will take pride of place. Many of us have built a healthier work-life balance over the past year and there feels to be a need to defend the status-quo while keeping the home life untainted by external demands. Standing one’s ground to preserve a wholesome routine will pay off in more ways than one. Home life will feel loving and fulfilling like a warm bowl of soup on a cold winter’s night – something worth honouring. There’s no place like home.

August 2022 Reading

General: 9 of Cups
Welcome August! With energy like this you can stay a while. This month brings with it a turning point from feeling unsettled and unfulfilled to finally moving forward in your chosen direction – at last. Prepare yourself to get wet while you ride the wave of indulgence and positivity. It’s a fabulous time to take advantage of all opportunities that come before you and even create new ones all together. Enjoy time with your social circles and making new networks that serve both your personal and professional growth. Allow the long awaited recognition to flow into your life from all angles, if those around you have compliments for you – take them with a smile. Be sure to stay grounded with your financial situation while you relish in the new found rhythm this month.

Love/ Romance: Knight of Wands
August is noteworthy for holding a fiery energy, as it’s attached to Fire sign Leo and ruled by the Sun – so this comes as no surprise when we find ourselves feeling motivated in the love and romance front. Take a moment before rushing into a situation you’re not yet certain of. An alluring energy of romantic intoxication will be hard to resist, just be sure something is what you ordered before accepting it fully into your life. Time to write yourself the long-awaited permission slip to feel sexy and attractive again, which will have your self-confidence at an all time high. Do your thing and do it well.

Family/ Domestic: Page of Wands
Where there is a will, there is a way. There is a lovely fresh breeze blowing into the family home that will be supportive for everyone’s needs. The month brings with it a new start and unlimited possibilities. Embrace this vitality for your new direction. Happy family time with a light-hearted approach will be a wonderful release from other walks of life. You may feel more connected with your home life and personal relationships while simultaneously fostering your own independence and success. Now is the time to shine, to be unique, speak up and be the best, most excitable version of yourself – therein lies the next waves of happiness.

Work/Career: Ace of Swords
Working smarter not harder will be the theme this month in your working life. Consider this a timely rescue from the cosmos. Inspiration is flooding in, to influence the way you do things, this will ease any tension you’ve been feeling in your career. Anticipate clarity and dedication to any given task. Be sure to open up and communicate your ideas and insight, you might be pleasantly surprised as to the reaction you receive. Feeling valued and appreciated will come on swift wings for those whom commit to the new way of doing things. Out with the old and in with the new!

Health/ Wellbeing: Death and Page of Wands
As we all continue to adjust to the energy and circumstances that the world has experienced for the past few years, we are asked to take care of our health and wellbeing like never before. A very big light will be shined on the emerging need to take ownership of how we live our lives. It’s time to ask yourself, “Do I show my body respect?”, “Do I actively engage with things that nourish my mind, body and soul?”, “Do I rest enough to help myself stay balanced?”. Sometimes the answer to these questions can be confronting, so the best cure is always prevention. Allow yourself to be prioritised, if we’ve learnt anything from the past, it’s health and wellbeing cannot be bought – so take care of it, like your life depends on it. Blessings of health and wellbeing to you all.


Missy Rivers is a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Teacher.



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