Shadow Work and the Power of Self-Awareness

Firstly, let’s start with what your shadow is, your shadow is the unconscious aspect of your personality. It is the hidden parts of your spirit, the suppressed parts of yourself and it bears wounds that you may not even know you have.

Working on the shadow part of your Spirit is the intentional reflection into your unconscious mind on hidden, hurting or negative aspects of your physical and spiritual world. It is enquiring into behaviours, thoughts or feelings as to the root of these things. Shadow work is the intentional healing and development of this unconscious part of your personality. The reward is personal freedom, an ability to reflect, heal and grow efficiently when things arise in your life.

Shadow wounds present when there is healing to be done, it will come up in a number of ways and it can be quite unexpected. It can show up as new anxiety or a persistent one you already have, new or consistent feelings of depression around certain scenarios, new or old triggers, arguing more often with your partner, change in your sex drive, lack of self-esteem, not trusting your own judgment, negative self-talk, feeling lost and/or feeling like your life is like a shoe that no longer fits. If there are thoughts, feelings or behaviours that you do not have control over, I can guarantee that it boils down to shadow wounds. In moments of intense emotions ask yourself:
“Why do I feel these things?”
“What is the trigger?”
“Does this behaviour serve me?”
“What emotion does this behaviour make me feel?”
“Am I in control?”
“Do these emotions have a higher purpose? For example, does it keep me safe from perceived danger?”

What you can do to start working on your shadow yourself, is to keep a journal. Journalling is one of the easiest yet most powerful tools we have to uncover hidden parts of ourselves, along with negative thoughts and feelings. Journalling is a simple way to keep yourself accountable and to keep a record of the progress you have made so always put a date on your notes.

The second thing is a walking meditation, walking is a perfect way to get anxious and pent up energy moving so you can think more clearly. Walk at whatever pace feels comfortable and preferably at a peaceful location surrounded by nature, but if this is not possible, wear headphones whilst walking to minimise distractions from the outside world, listen to meditation music or whatever suits you to be able to hear your inner voice. Ask yourself, “What emotions have I felt often this week?” Reflect on what negative emotions have come up and why, then ask yourself, “What is there to learn here?”

Lastly, if you have intense emotions and behaviours come up consistently find the correct support; whether this is a coven, a supportive and informative Facebook group or a healing coach and mentor. Working on deeply hidden parts of your character can be daunting, whether it is inner child wounds, Mother wounds, limiting beliefs or uncontrollable emotions, know that you are never alone.



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