When your Wounds Become your Greatest Medicine

One of my most favourite cards in the Mythic Tarot is the Hierophant and his mythical archetype is ‘Chiron’ the wounded healer.

Chiron is the king of Centaurs, a wise teacher, healer and priest who guides you on your hero’s journey. Chiron was educated by Apollo the Sun God, and Artemis the Moon Goddess who both gifted him wisdom and spirituality. His task was to teach spiritual values and divine law to those who were preparing for leadership and war. Heracles came to visit him one day in his cave, after killing a monster Hydra. Heracles accidently scratched Chiron with a poison arrowhead, which had been soaked with the blood of Hydra monster. Even though Chiron was a gifted healer, with direct knowledge of plant lore and the sacred herbs of the Earth, he couldn’t heal himself. And because Chiron was immortal, he was condemned to live in pain, and much like a Buddhist monastic, sacrificed all to devote his time to his spiritual teachings to reconcile, and overcome his own suffering. Chiron represents the wound that doesn’t heal. And we all have a wound that doesn’t heal. This wound is a portal to source, God; the divine intelligence of love. Every time we enter the wound, we go deeper within ourselves and each time, we go deeper within, we come back to our waking consciousness with knowledge, insights, spiritual wisdom and self love .

Your wound is your greatest gift, and it holds the keys to your soul purpose. But I understand, when you are in the pain body, it’s difficult to see it as a gift, when it hurts so much. Your wound is a temple of divinity, where you learn how to love you as you are, you learn how to re-parent yourself, through loving guidance of soul love and God. You are not a problem fixed, you yourself are not the problem, the problem is the problem. Chiron encourages you to move away from this fixation of trying to fix a broken you and rather lean into learning how to embrace you, hold you, and love yourself through the hurt – you are enough, and have always been enough. Chiron encourages you to turn to yourself with compassion and to be merciful. You, more than anyone else deserves unconditional love. Chiron channels God, ‘the divine intelligence of love’.

What a different world we’d live in if we could just stop making ourselves a problem to be solved, and instead, someone to be loved… Chiron is not indoctrinating you in any religious or spiritual dogma. He is a creature, half man half animal; his wild energy and his temple is not man-made! Our wounds enable us to know compassion and empathy; this deepens our connection to others, where we can be in the presence of ‘pain’, whether that be our own or others, without harming, or blaming others for the discomfort we all feel in our own lives from this imperfect world we have been born into. Chiron is your Spiritual Guide, your spirit/soul family; he comes to us in the form of psychotherapists, light workers, shamans, mystics, healers, psychologists, spiritual teachers, and spiritual mentoring; those who we turn to for comfort, support and help when we most need it. You may even be drawn to becoming a healer, to support others on their hero’s journey and investing in training and development of your divine service to spirit.




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