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The Simple Secret to Successful Businesses!

A diamond is not created overnight but rather over time, a journey of extreme pressure and heat. Likewise, my story consists of incredible pressures, heat, and lengthy time that created the esteemed business and educational mentor I am today.

I have learnt an immense amount about business and the success comes from owning multiple businesses over the last 17 years. It took epic failures, epic wins, tears, laughs and A LOT of money lost in ill-informed choices. It also resulted in major financial gains and being present in our three sons’ lives from birth, allowing freedom that I desired, something unattainable pre-children in my leadership position, SA education department.

It wasn’t until I decided to take another massive PIVOT in my life in 2020, making steps to leave the public education sector (for a second time I might add), commencing on a journey with my own name as the business… eek! I knew I harnessed ALL this wisdom of business and with extreme passion to save others wasting money from poor business choices, I set on a path of business and educational mentoring. Yet the secret to success I still had not discovered, as I thought the secret was just knowing what you don’t know, seek the answers and presto!

2020 passed with my business slow and as I look back now, I lacked direction regardless of ‘seeking’ the answers to the online business mentoring world! The number three (3) has always been my go-to. I have always been able to flip a house in 3 months, commence a business in 3 months, yet ‘Adrianne Skye’ was entering 2021, three months after official registration with ASIC and NOT ONE CUSTOMER… crickets literally inhabited my PayPal account!

2021 I returned for the second consecutive year teaching and although a magical year teaching Kaurna at my youngest two sons’ bush school, I felt a sense of failure in my new business. I knew this feeling all too well, yet I knew the strength I harnessed and set it as my motivation to once and for all to seek the secret to my success from previous years in biz. With Winston Churchill as the voice in my head, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”. I spent summer of 2021 analysing all my businesses.

Analysing the points of failure and great success, the process I used each time in setting up businesses and the mindset at the time. Seeking additional mentoring but still just not feeling jackpot.

And then there it was… staring me in the face! Seventeen years for me to finally see the forest AND the trees, something so common across all successful businesses. Something so simple YET pivotal…

If only I knew how easy the ‘formula’ was… if only someone had written a blog on the ‘secret’ I would have saved myself time and money over the years. The fact; I was looking too hard for that ‘secret’ in becoming successful. It was right with me all along.

I implemented my findings immediately. BOOM, within a week my first customer. Within a month I had 5 customers. By mid 2021 I co-authored an international best-selling book, my chapter… was the secret that in fact was NO secret! My chapter was titled ‘FEARLESS IN BUSINESS BLENDING STRATEGY WITH SOUL’. The characteristics of a successful entrepreneur were clear as day in not only myself, but all those around me. The revelation… there was NO secrets. We in fact all harness these qualities, the question is, do you execute them?

  1. To be FEARLESS.
  2. To have STRATEGY
  3. To be guided by our SOUL

Only ourselves can release our fears and be guided by our soul, strategy can be passed on and learnt. The secret lies in your intuition and belief in oneself. The secret is blending these together simultaneously that creates magic!

Stay shining.



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