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My Personal Meditation Journey and the Foundation of my Spiritual Self

In the 90s my heart was opening to the Spirit world. I was learning a new way of being and messages came in many different ways. I didn’t fully understand what was happening to me so I sought gurus, read books and, most importantly, found meditation.

At the time my reason for seeking meditation was not to connect with the world of Spirit. I thought I was there to chill out when something wonderful happened. I discovered this was a way to effectively communicate with my guides and my Soul. I’d read about this phenomenon and now it was happening to me. Life took on a deeper meaning and it made a big difference that I had someone, my meditation teacher, to help me feel normal about the changes that were happening to me and around me.

It was fun and empowering and it was life changing. Then the wheels came off and I came crashing down. I had found a peace, deep in my soul, that I’d never known before. And… big disruption. The first couple of years were some of the most traumatic I’ve ever experienced. I thought I was being punished. I stuck with it though. I had so much love and support around and I knew deep down that this disruption was vital to my physical survival. I learned a couple of valuable lessons. Disruption comes when the lies we are telling ourselves are exposed and “this too shall pass” (as the saying goes).

There is a happy ending, lovely reader. I found my purpose, a real passion to deep dive into the Soul and the bruises it carries to protect itself. It showed me my skills as a psychic and healer to help others and pointed me to a life, while not always easy, where I live my true path and I am a much better person for it.

It is my belief that the disruption meditation causes is why so many people abandon it. When things do get tough, though, it is vitally important to continue and face the unknown. The level of disruption and apathy is a direct correlation to the level of healing required.

*At this juncture I must state that some trauma must be honoured and not forced. At all times, listen to the Self for direction.

So, find your perfect meditation guide and group. The right fit is important and don’t be afraid to move on if you have moved on from the group. Regular meditation practice and the support of your community will transition you into a healthier and stronger connection to your intuitive Self. You will be confident that your guides walk with you with complete certainty that you are living your Soul Purpose. You will never doubt again.

Join Vicki each Thursday for regular meditation practice. She has been leading groups since 2001. Use coupon code FREETRIAL for one free sitting.



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