Happy New Adventure! You Get to Choose

‘Happy New Year’ is an interesting concept, in a reality where time seems, more and more, to be an illusion… Even those who believe in the essence of time, must surely be noticing that it seems to be speeding up?

Our souls are infinite, and eternal. The timelines that exist, are also infinite, and eternal. Entering a ‘New Year’, and all of the celebrations that come with it, seem rather trivial, when you consider the vastness of this knowing.
OK, maybe I’m being a tad melodramatic here. After all, we chose to be a human, and come to this planet, and New Year’s celebrations CAN be fun! The dichotomy of “If time is an illusion, then why am I celebrating a fake new year?”, and, “Hey! I CHOSE to be here; I should enjoy this human experience!” is REAL.

Real, and ongoing… and, truthfully, there’s no wrong way to do it!

The ‘New Age Spirituality’ mindset has caused some of us to take this (and, ourselves), far too seriously! Can we not, simultaneously, agree that time does not exist, AND come to enjoy celebrations based on time? And, can we NOT over-think it, in the process?

Life is this moment. Now. Not in the past, not in the future (as they all run parallel, anyways).

Your life is happening Now.

That means you get to choose each moment! Every single second of every single day is YOURS to create! That makes the possibilities absolutely endless; a forever ‘Choose Your Own Adventure!’

We can extend this way of thinking, of Being, to every single occasion, too. You can make every celebration, even the ones you don’t especially believe in, whatever you want them to be. Our reality is created by US, always. So, for those of us, living in 3D, while consciously shifting into 5D (and, beyond), can participate in these ‘timely’ festivities (hello, birthdays!), without the over-thinking, or questioning that is so easy to slip into.

Just enjoy! Do whatever feels right for your SOUL!

CREATE whatever feels right for your soul! Come to think of it, maybe the New Year is the perfect time to do just that…

So, whatever you believe this Time to be (if anything, at all), enjoy it! Pause. Take a deep breath. And, smile. However you are choosing to ‘human’ right now, is perfectly OK. That’s something to celebrate.

Dwana Dorrington is an apprentice STARR Collective Practitioner and Alchemist, trained in the art of interpreting the residual whispers of a person’s trauma. Find her at: www.starrcollective.com



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