Astrology – Your Stars for January & February 2023

Welcome to 2023! The year begins with a sense of detachment and frazzle as Uranus, Mars, and Mercury appear to trek backward through our skies. We may feel frustrated with our plans not working out. Yet the planets are urging us to slow down, rest and reassess the lessons learned so far. The Universe has a better plan for us. And by the end of January, we will know what that plan is. The planets will be all in direct motion then, and with Jupiter in Aries, a new cycle has begun. This boosted period of forward progression and opportunities will last until May. So grab those opportunities with both hands and hold on tight!

When Valentine’s Day comes around, there may be a disconnect with others, making the day tricky. Mercury in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces brings a feeling of wanting to be close but not so close. Some may want to hear sweet nothings. Yet all they will hear is if they put the kettle on. We will find that even though we want to pamper and nurture our beloved, we need to nurture ourselves first. Remember that this day is a commercial construct. It is a lovely idea but be mindful to look after yourself and your loved ones every day of the year.

Also during the first two months of the year, we will be invited to maintain our health and look at life from a different point of view. Listen to what your body is saying to you. Ask that pain why it is hurting. Ask that niggle why it is there, and listen to your body. Is there something from the past (or past lives) that keeps coming back that needs resolution? The answer is outside of your comfort zone. Grab those opportunities to heal these wounds once and for all!

What do January and February look like for you? Check out your Sun and Rising sign below for more details.

The year starts with focusing on your home, and how you nurture yourself and your loved ones. There is a focus on your self-worth and self-esteem. If your ego has taken a beating, be kind to yourself. Tap into your intuition, meditate more and if you have a creative project or outlet, explore that more.

Short trips before the year kicks off for good are well highlighted. Take the time out with loved ones and rejuvenate your home space. The sales are a perfect time to get those pillows and throws to update your living room look. There will also be a focus on your professional life and how you fit in. The key is to be yourself. No one does you better than you.

Is there a dream destination on your mind or a course you want to study? You may feel that you lack the funds or aren’t ready to do it. The truth is that you are ready, and the funds are there! The Universe always provides at the right time. Look to your connections in your community or workplace. Have those conversations because there are some opportunities out there. As the saying goes, “All roads lead to… (and it is up to you to fill in the dream destination/goal)”.

The focus is on your sense of self. You will also notice your power in your relationships and what you have or have given away. There may be a sense of unbalance in your life. To restore that balance, don’t let your pride interfere, and ensure you look after yourself. The balance will be restored by one thing… having faith in yourself.

There may have been a disconnect with what is going around you recently. You may have felt different or not clicked with others as you may have liked. Take the time to meditate and ground yourself more. It will bring your energy back into your body. Once you feel like yourself again, you will shine on the world stage and with your loved ones.

In astrological circles, they say if you want things to be in order, hire a Virgo! You shine when things are in order. You may have felt out of place in your work and relationships. Don’t over-analyse or overthink it. The key is to have faith in yourself. Do what is right for you. Take the time out every day to meditate and connect with your higher self. You may need to declutter, ground your energy, and put things into their place. It may take you out of your comfort zone but at least you’ll know where you stand.

Your career is the focus at the start of the year dear Libra. You may feel a need to belong yet there may also be a need to move on. Lack of progress of late may have sent your scales into a spinning cycle of confusion. You may wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is, but not by going at it alone. It is time to find and collaborate with your tribe and kindred spirits.

There is a need for a creative outlook in your life when it comes to balancing your personal and public life. The same goes for family and work. Look for inspiration from like-minded people who have travelled from afar. Travel, children, pets, and younger family members are well highlighted. And if there is a creative hobby you love that you have left behind, it is time to revisit it to find that balance you seek.

How you communicate with others in your life, especially in your workplace comes under the spotlight. You want to help others but tact is not your middle name. Honesty is. As hard as it sounds, add some diplomacy in your interactions as it delivers a message that needs to be heard with a much-needed velvet glove. By the end of February, there will be a need to stay home to ground frazzled energy before setting your sights on the horizon for your next adventure.

If you feel you have lost your mojo or aren’t feeling like yourself lately, it is time to be honest with yourself first about why you’re feeling this way. Confide with those who are trustworthy and close to you. You may need a reminder that you are still fabulous as you always are. It could be that negative self-talk needs to be turned around to the positive! Talk to loved ones. Connect to your creativity. Capricorns are dependable and steadfast yet even the strong ones need some R&R. Take that time out to rest and play!

Your sense of identity in your relationships and work life is quite prominent as the year begins. It hasn’t been an easy two and a half years for you, yet I bet you are a better superstar than you were before, all thanks to Saturn. The focus will also be on your home life and where you have come from. Look at those issues that need healing from your past. Saturn will ensure you take that time out to add the balsam.

Your ability to dream allows you to tap into your intuition and bring great insight to others. As the year begins, it is time to listen to that insight. Be honest with yourself. Write in your journal or chat with those closest to you. It is time to make those changes to your work, creativity, and health routines to bring balance. Leave work at 5pm to get to the salsa class you’ve always wanted to take (or another creative outlet). Start the year by doing what inspires your soul! You will feel more like yourself than you ever have before.

Georgina is an astrologer and freelance writer with a passion for bringing astrological insights into clients’ lives.
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