6 Tips to Master your Mindset

Need to Master your Mindset? Follow these 6 tips:

1. Read inspirational stories of people who went through hassles and found happiness
Too often we may think that we are alone. However, there are many stories published by people with similar life experiences who can demonstrate that changing a mindset is the first step towards re-discovering happiness. Look for books or online publications about people whose stories resonate with yours. It is one of the most powerful tools to inspire you to think differently.

2. Reflect on what shaped your mindset and try to discover your inner callings
It may be worth to think about your childhood and find out how exactly your mindset has been shaped through the formative years. For instance, you may like to achieve excellence in everything you do. But is it your true aspiration or is it because your parents/grandparents raised you to become an achiever? Divide your true inner feelings from those that are not yours, yet they are a part of your mindset.

3. Surround yourself with people with positive life experiences
This is another helpful tool to attract people with positive mindsets into your life. Perhaps, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone and get to know those who create their life day in day out instead of being negative and conforming to circumstances.

4. Control your thoughts and recognise emotions
Our mindset relies a lot on the quality of our thoughts and feelings. They are like food that nourishes our behaviour that results from the particular way we think. Ask yourself questions why things make you think, feel or react the way they do, and link it to what’s important in your life.

5. Be active
Exercise may not be for everyone but active lifestyle, such as stretching, frequent breaks, walks outside or gardening is something that may fuel your mindset with new ideas and give it well-deserved rest if it is under pressure. Do what you can, a small step at a time, to create a healthy and resourceful mindset.

6. Make a change
Finally, if you caught yourself thinking that you want to live a better life, rest assured – you can. Take time to find out what is wrong and what you would like to change. Perhaps, you want to visualise your ideal day, month, weekend, year… And then commit with all your might to make that picture come alive. And this shift in your mindset will be the beginning of amazing changes you’ll never regret!

Julie Medeiros is the Founder of Miss M Online Classes.



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