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How to Keep Your Vibrations High During Chaotic Global Events

As we have been thrust from one global crisis to another over the past couple of years, from Covid-19 to the war in Ukraine, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the chaos. Many have succumbed to fear and negativity. With the media constantly bombarding us with an endless array of information to keep us in panic mode, it is now more important than ever to make a concerted effort to stay positive to keep our vibrations high. Here are some practical tips to help achieve peace of mind and avoid falling prey to fear:

Positive Thoughts and Gratitude are Vital

Despite the chaos surrounding us, people need to look forward to each day of life and practise focussing on the good. In order to maintain high vibrations, it is vital to wake up with positive thoughts and give thanks for a new day, for health and for all the blessings of life. Focussing on negative thoughts and fears – such as ‘How I will survive?’, ‘Will there be a nuclear war?’, and so forth – will only serve to lower vibrations.

Spend Time in Nature

In order to maintain peace of mind amidst all the current unrest in the world, people need to get back to nature and seek to spend as much time in the natural environment. It is an excellent practice to remove footwear and walk barefoot on the ground, which helps connect us to the energy of the universe. Being in nature helps to keep our vibrations high, and helps keep us relaxed. Enjoying nature, listening to the sound of the sea, to birds and rejoicing in everything around us will uplift us rather than focus on negativity.

Avoid the Media where Possible

To maintain high vibrations, the news media should be completely bypassed where possible. People need to focus on keeping uplifted, and keeping their spirits high and working on their vibrations. This means they must not be blinded by negative emotions and listen to the fear-mongering disseminated via the media.

Work One-on-One with an Energy Healer to Help Raise Vibrations

It is a good idea to work with therapists such as energetic healers, at least during one period of time in order to remove any energy blockages, clear chakras and get rid of existing tension. Working one-on-one with an energy healer helps to get positive energy flowing. From there the positive vibrations will multiply and grow on their own.

Spend Time with Positive, Uplifting People – Avoid Energy Vampires

It’s important to spend time with positive and uplifting people, and not those who are beset with fear and negativity about current events. Limit time spent with those who are constantly relaying bad news, incessantly talking about deaths, illness and the possibility of catastrophic global events. This includes those on social media. If you can’t avoid such people, at least try to help them by changing the subject to more positive topics.

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