Ascension of the Human Race: It’s About Time

When I wrote my first two books** in 2013, Ascension was well underway, yet we here we are in 2023 still clawing our way up out of the treacle-like density of the Third dimension. To boot, we have had a very nasty global pandemic and the Ukraine invasion/war from Russia which has seemed to bring the denseness of energy way down further. You’d be forgiven if you have given up on it altogether, or are at least wondering if we will ever get there!

What is Ascension?

Ascension refers to the raising of our conscious awareness above the denseness of our own egos and separatism in the Third Dimension, or 3D, through the sub-planes of the fourth dimension into a Fifth Dimensional state of awareness, which is a state of Being and oneness with the ALL. Humans operating in a 3D reality believe that they are separate from God and each other and that the physical reality of their existence is all there is. Third Dimensional Earth operates on duality, separatism, sacrifice, inequality, hardship, extremes in emotions, highs and lows, and connection/disconnection. It is the good, the bad and the downright ugly. People who cannot see beyond their 3D reality can become mired in drama and negativity and can become very stuck in their story, which can keep them locked into misery, trauma and pain for years, sometimes even their whole lifetime. In terms of light frequency, these people are vibrating at a very low level and, according to the spiritual Law of Attraction, will continue to attract misery, drama and hardship unless they can broaden their perspectives, change their belief systems and start to take back their powers of positive manifestation.

Ascension can involve a person awakening to psychic or healing gifts they never knew they had, thus beginning a journey of discovering themselves in spirit and learning to connect to their higher selves, angelic or spirit guides through meditation and activation of their psychic senses. It’s not always the case, but awakened people generally become Wayshowers for others through conscious spiritual practice that increases the amount of light frequency flowing through their energy fields. The higher the light frequency, the higher the consciousness, resulting in these people being generally more positive, more able to see the bigger picture of things and thus becoming good teachers and role-models for others. Anyone, however, who is naturally positive and open-minded can be a Wayshower for people who are struggling to raise their vibrations just by being themselves.

The Fifth Dimension, or a living ascended state, is akin to being a living meditation where one is able to live and work in a human body whilst always being aware of their connection to spirit and the laws of the Universe. It is the belief and acceptance that all in the Universe is One and connected through the unconditional love of the Supreme Source, that we are all sparks of the Divine and thus co-creators in our own right. Those who have reached this level are much more able to resist being sucked down into the lower levels of the Third and Fourth dimensions and often become Wayshowers and teachers of others, helping them to raise their vibrations and to step onto their own spiritual path.
Ascension, however, is always a work in progress, because raising one’s consciousness to the Fifth Dimension is not at all a linear process. It is possible to be in the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimension within one singular sentence, depending on the intentions behind your words and the intensity of your feelings. Reaching a level of consciousness that stays fairly stable within the parameters of the higher levels of the Fourth and Fifth dimensions takes diligence and a constant conscious effort to keep all thoughts and words positive and to embrace all life with love and tolerance. It is absolutely worth the effort, however, because the more you believe in the possibilities, the better reality you will create for yourself, your loved ones and the world!

** Raising the Energies of Mother Earth Towards and After Ascension 2012: The Highest Truth (Cochrane, 2013, Victoria Cochrane Publications)
Beyond Ascension 2012: Universal Truths, 2nd Edition (Cochrane, 2016, Victoria Cochrane Publications)

The Book of Life: Lessons from Mother Earth channeled by Victoria Cochrane is full of beautiful messages from the Masters to help humans to learn to live more in harmony with Mother Earth. Every chapter is accompanied by a meditation, which have also been recorded and are available when you buy the book.

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