Human Design Energy Type Series, Part Three: Manifesting Generator

One of the most vital pieces of your Human Design Puzzle is your Energy Type. You can consider your Energy type similar to your Star sign in Astrology. It’s the entry point to your energetic blueprint, but it also holds a huge amount of incredibly helpful information about how you’re designed to interact with the world around you in a way that promotes ease and flow.

There are five Energy Types in Human Design:

Each represents a specific way of engaging with the world based on one’s unique energy configuration. The Energy Types are:

Manifestor: Manifestors can initiate and get things started. They have a powerful aura that can influence others.

Generator: Generators have a strong life force and are designed to respond to the world around them. They are naturally attuned to their passions and can experience deep satisfaction when doing work that aligns with their inner desires.

Manifesting Generator: Manifesting Generators have a combination of Manifestor and Generator energy, meaning they can initiate and respond to the world around them. They move quickly and may tend to skip steps or take shortcuts, but they can be incredibly efficient when doing work they are passionate about.

Projector: Projectors can see things from a different perspective and have a natural talent for understanding people and systems.

Reflector: Reflectors have a unique ability to reflect the energy of those around them and may struggle with feeling like they don’t have a consistent sense of self. They are sensitive to their environment and may need time alone to process and integrate their experiences.

Understanding your Energy Type in Human Design can help you better understand your strengths, challenges, and optimal ways of interacting with the world around you.

Over the coming months, I’ll be releasing a deep dive into each of the Energy Types. Including insights into what it looks like when each energy type embodies its unique gifts, what some common shadow aspects are and how they can overcome them.

Ultimately, understanding your Energy Type will help you step into flow with the universe, manifest with more ease and experience more success with less stress.

This month we’re diving into the magic of what it means to be a Human Design Manifesting Generator.

Manifesting Generator, You make up 33% of the population.

The tech specs: You know you’re a Manifesting Generator when you have a defined Sacral AND:

  • Solar Plexus, Sacral or Ego connecting DIRECTLY to the throat via a defined channel.

Your Special Sauce:

Manifesting Generator: You lucky ducks have a beautiful combination of Manifestor and Generator energy which generally shows up as a “speedier” version of Generator energy and a more “sustainable energy” version of Manifestor. You’re here to show us all that success does not have to be linear and to shift perceptions of what is possible.

Strategy: Respond and inform:

Manifesting Generators are ultimately a Generator energy type, and so the connection to your Sacral response is vital. As a Generator type, responding to life and the environment around you guides you to the right opportunities and synchronicities. Specifically, your sacral is a key component of your response mechanism. When your Sacral feels lit up, excited or expansive, it’s a positive sign. When it feels heavy, contracted or repelled, it’s a negative response (Each Generator has a unique connection to the language of its Sacral response, and it’s part of your Human Design experiment to reconnect with that language.) The informing aspect of your strategy is ultimately about making sure the people who are impacted by the aligned action you take can know whether they are part of the crew that is going to get on board and support the vision.

Signature Theme: Satisfaction and Peace: When you’re investing your energy into people and opportunities that are in alignment with your Human Design, you’ll notice a visceral sense of contented satisfaction and peace. It doesn’t mean that shit is always “easy”. It’s more that when you’re in alignment, your body knows that the aligned action is guiding you in the right direction. When you rest your head on the pillow at night, you have that sense of satisfaction from spending your energy beans on the most aligned things for you! You” also have an overarching energy of Peace in your life, which doesn’t mean you’ll be high vibe all day, every day. It’s an energy of calm connectedness, knowing that you are moving boldly towards your vision and attracting the right people to support you.

Not-Self-Frustration and Anger: If you find yourself initiating without getting clarity based on your Sacral response, you might experience both not-self-themes of Generators and Manifestors. I know it’s kind of a drag because you’ve got fast-passed energy, but it’s worth protecting your energy by identifying a positive sacral response before you go full speed ahead to ensure that you can trust you spend it wisely.

When you’re in your Power:

Manifesting Generator: Bringing more sustainable energy to the initiation phase of any manifesting process is your jam. One of the keys to unlocking this is allowing yourself the freedom to move between different passions and drop shit like it’s hot when you’re no longer passionate about them. When you let yourself move at the pace that feels good to you, you’ll have a greater impact and experience more flow. The sustainable element of your creativity will come when you allow your Sacral to lead you. It’s always guiding you to what is worthy of your time, energy and resources, and by following that Sacral fire, you magnetise the right opportunities for you. You’ve probably noticed by now that this energy is quite different to Manifestor energy which thrives with more of an initiating fire. You still get to initiate, but you are most in your power when you do so based on a positive response from your sacral. Without the response, you’re kind of just like a bull in a china shop, and that’s not the energy you want to leverage.

You’ll find the fastest way to bring a vision to life, but that doesn’t mean you have to bring the full vision to life on your own. There’s a special kind of magic that happens when you allow yourself to start bringing a creation to life, embarking on a journey where you take the spark of creative passion and fan the flames by following that passion for as long as you feel excited to. As you do that, you attract people to support you. They’ll take the idea and run with it. This is the ideal situation because there will inevitably be a time when you’re no longer engaged with the project or opportunity that you’ve been working on and are ready to move on to something different. Let other people continue to bring the vision to life, or alternatively, give yourself permission to park the idea until you get re-enthused about it, or you find the right people to pick up where you left off.

The secret to embracing this is having a deep understanding that as you move between projects and creations, you’re learning vital skills that will support you in the future. You’re adding to your repertoire of skills, and that is incredibly important. When you trust that your sacral response is guiding you to the experiences that you need, you can let yourself be in your full power. There is an element of sparkly magnetism that comes with the rush of enthusiasm that you will experience when you are following your Sacral response. Don’t underestimate this; it’s drawing people and opportunities towards you that can potentially carry the flame once you’re over it.

You have energy to burn. Part of the reason your designed to attract people is that you have that beautiful, sustainable energy that Sacral beings have. You get to share that energy with all the other energy types, and in doing so, give them access to untapped potentials with themselves. In order to give energy, you have to be filling your own cup first. Being in your bliss is not selfish. It is selfless! When you know your boundaries and allow yourself to flow with your energy by enforcing your boundaries like a mofo, you will have the most impact on your wider community.

Common Challenges and Shadow Expressions:

Trying to force yourself to complete a creative cycle. When you get that hit of Sacral excitement, that’s your cue to initiate or continue on the path. When that spark and excitement dissipates, that’s your cue to tap out. BUT sometimes it’s not all so easy, right? We live in a society that values persistence and perseverance, and sure, that’s 100% needed when things are in alignment, but there’s a difference between having stickability and flogging a dead horse, and Man Gen’s, let’s be real! You don’t have time to be flogging a dead horse.

The Solution: Creating space to let yourself flow with your creative passions is one of the keys to unlocking all your badassery, but in order to do that, you have to create structures in your life that are supportive of you being able to recognise when things are still in alignment or not. Scheduling time to take inventory of where you’re investing your time and energy is the start of this process. Make a list of the things that you’re spending time, energy and resources on, and check in with your Sacral response. Are they still in alignment? Yes, cool, go forth and do your thing. No, maybe it’s time to drop it like it’s hot. There is a trick to getting clarity on this, though. Because sometimes your brain plays silly buggers on you and wants to convince you that you should continue. And sometimes, you’re not out of alignment at all; you’re just pushing the edge of your growth zone, and the reality is that there is often tension surrounding that growth.

So how do you know if you’re out of alignment or pushing into your growth zone? TAKE YOUR TIME. I know that’s not the most natural thing for your fast-passed Man Gen energy, but the reality is that your Sacral will give you the answers you’re looking for. Give yourself a little breathing room to take the heat off your mind to solve that problem and instead connect with your sacral. And you can do it multiple times for the same decision, just so that you can get really clear and feel more confident in the response. Can you see how important getting intimate with your Sacral response is? It’s your home of decision-making, and so learning your language of yours is going to make your life so much easier.

People pleasing. People love to be around you. They’re literally drawn to your energy! But the term “energy vampire” is an appropriate explanation for how other people will keep taking it if you don’t stand firm in your boundaries. When you’re in your bliss, the whole world wants to feed on that energy.

Something to be aware of and perhaps might be relevant to you (perhaps not): Generators LOVE to make others feel good. It’s not uncommon, from a young age, to have had an energetic and intuitive understanding that you can easily make others feel good, and most have been praised and given a lot of positive reinforcement for it. Over you might develop a strong association with making other people feel good, being something that others value in you. Ie. Making others feel good is attached to your worth. In reality, you are worthy not for what you give other people but because you are, as all humans are, worthy of love, abundance, joy and respect.

If this becomes a strong attachment, you could start sacrificing your joy in order to make other people happy. It sounds like no big deal, but the reality is that if left unchecked, you might end up feeling like it’s not safe for you to say no to people for fear of disappointing, triggering or hurting them. This often leads to feeding co-dependant relationships and essentially being a huge waste of your beautiful magnetic energy.

The Solution: The truth is that you will make others happy simply by indulging in the things that light you up. Your energy, when infused with self-sacrifice, obligation or martyrdom, is not as magnetic as the sustainable energy that comes when you are in your joy. Being deeply rooted in your self-worth helps you to feel confident and clear with boundaries. Practising saying no to people, with no need for explanation, is a vital skill for Everyone but Generators and Manifesting Generators in particular. Something to consider is that if you trigger someone by being clear with your boundaries, you’ve provided them with a beautiful opportunity for their own self-reflection and growth. Whether they choose that for themselves is not your responsibility, both from a Human Design perspective and from a healthy, well-rounded, emotionally intelligent adult perspective. In summary: Shine your light bright and have boundaries like a mofo!

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