2023 Energy Forecast with Psychic Sam

The past few years have certainly been energetically dense and quite challenging to say the least! So as 2022 ushers to a close what can we expect in 2023?

The themes that prevailed universally in 2022 were centred on relationships, family, health, finances, healing and duty; a year that highlighted the need for change, boundaries and compassion.

The energy shift into 2023 has already begun and will peak in intensity between March and September. Universally speaking, 2023 will be a year of learning and indeed soul searching for us all.

In 2023 the world will be seeking truth, wisdom, dignity and fulfilment, and so will you. It is important to note that in addition to the universal energy, we each have our individual energy cycles as well.

2023 is all about delving inward. This is a time where you’ll be heavily involved in deep inner work. It’s a spiritual year – meaning, you’ll have many opportunities to evolve spiritually and personally. This can be a valuable time to evaluate your sense of independence and how you’ve chosen to take the lead or perhaps the back seat in your life. It is a year that will see you on a voyage of self-discovery and in search of deeper meaning and what I call your soul purpose (the reason you were born).

In fact, the past few years have been preparing you and stirring the inner depths of your heart and soul for 2023. It may be that what used to fulfil you is no longer enough. It is also the year where it may at first appear that you may have more questions than answers, leaving you feeling a little lost. Feeling lost may be the only way to find out where you are – which is exactly where you are meant to be. You are on schedule! Lost is simply an adventure to a new destination and remember because this is the universal energy, you are not alone, the majority of us will be feeling the same way.

Because 2023 is an introspective year, themes around the bigger questions about life and death and everything in between. Intuition, learning, wisdom and faith will be the stars of the show. This is a great year to grow your intuitive abilities, take your spirituality and gifts to the next level. Due to the insular nature of the energy, be aware not to withdraw or seclude yourself by cave dwelling alone. As appealing as it may be to head for the hills and live in that inner cave, connection is so important if you are to truly grasp the deeper meaning and gifts of 2023.

Remember, everything, whether we judge it as good or bad, happens for us, not to us. There is a gift even in the darkest of spaces. If you would like to know more about your individual cycle of energy for 2023 and what is on the cards for you, then why not book a 12-month energy forecast with me?

Blessings and love.

Samantha Gillard is a Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher and Mentor.


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