How to Turn Pain into Power

We are all faced with painful and difficult experiences in life but it is how we respond that defines us.

When met with life’s challenges how do you respond? Do you explode into a fit of anger or do you retreat into submission? Or are you able to pause, acknowledge how you feel and then rise above your feelings and circumstances?

The thing is about negative and painful experiences is that they force us to grow, they refuse to allow us to stay the same.

Even if we wanted to stay the same, the old version of us no longer exists after a negative experience. We are changed, forcing us forward into a new version of ourselves.

Each time we are met with a painful experience we get to know ourselves a little better.

Something we need to be aware of is that after a negative experience, positive growth is not an automatic outcome. Whether you move forwards or backwards depends on you consciously choosing which direction you will go.

It is essential that we consciously choose not to be defeated and not to allow this experience to define us in a negative way. If we don’t we sentence ourselves to a lifetime of pain with the waves of life continuously crashing over us. When we decide to turn our pain into power, it almost gives us superpowers.

It creates a ferocious resilience that keeps growing.

We all have the choice in life whether to be defeated or whether to choose to rise and I always choose to rise!

We all need to love and value ourselves enough that we will not allow any circumstantial event to break us, we must never stop trying because we know and believe deeply we are worth it.

So how can you begin to turn pain into power?

Firstly when life gets you down, consciously say to yourself, “Not me, not today! I will not allow these negative thoughts or feelings to defeat me!”

Always affirm worthiness.

Find three things to be grateful for and three things you have learned in regards to this event.

Also acknowledge the things that can no longer stay the same now and what new benefits this has for you.

Practise gratitude even if it hurts currently, trust the universe has thrown you this curve ball for a higher purpose, to redirect your life.

Know that everything will turn out okay in the end and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.


• During a Full Moon, run yourself a bath or warm the shower water.
• Place the Full Moon herb blend in the provided calico bag and allow the herbs to infuse into the water. (These can be purchased from
• Light your ritual candle and invite in your guides.
• Write down everything you wish to let go of on a piece of paper.
• Get a heat proof dish and burn your list, light it on your candle and let it burn in the bowl.
• Then get into the bath or shower and physically envisage yourself washing away all of these negative thoughts and feelings, replacing them with pure love. Whether you envisage loving coloured light filling you up or surrounding you or whether you prefer to reframe your negatives into positive and loving quotes this is up to you.
• Bask in your water and herbs for as long as you like.
• When finished, envisage all of those negative things you washed away going down the drain.
• Blow out your candle and thank your guides.
• Ensure you drink plenty of water.

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