Astrology – Your Stars 2023

There is a lot going on, astrologically speaking, in 2023!

Two major planetary impacts occur this year: Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node in Aries; and in March and April 2023, the Sun, New Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries. Both alignments will profoundly affect each sun sign and be a wonderful fresh start in multiple areas of life.

A major focus for the year is on the North Node in Aries. This is sometimes called the ‘Dragon’s Head’. On the opposite end, is the ‘Dragon’s Tail’ or, the South Node which is in Libra. Aries rules all things war-related, and Libra rules allies but also, enemies. This cycle was last seen in 1939-1940 with the reverse South Node in Aries and North Node in Libra. The outcome of this duo will be many ‘Us against Them’ scenarios. On a more personal level, you might see some situations repeating now that occurred 18 or 19 years ago.

Financially, we are unlikely to get any relief from the rising costs of living until Jupiter enters Taurus in mid-May and the strain of recession will stick until the lunar node cycle ends in Taurus and Scorpio in mid-July. As we know, ‘War’ and ‘Recession’ are inextricably linked. Where there is one, there is the other. If we look on the positive side, the past has shown that the other side of an economic resetting is a world completely transformed. By the time this cycle ends in mid-2026, the Age of Aquarius will truly be upon us, and we can expect a much more forward-thinking environmentally-minded global society.

What does 2023 look like for you?

It is an excellent time to initiate change, Aries. Many new endeavours will bring success. It’s a great year for romance if you’re willing to open up and let love in. This goes for both single folk and couples. The time is ripe to explore or start something new. The lack of focus in the second half of the year could bring a few stressful situations, so keep your eye of the prize.

There is big energy in your sign right from the get-go in 2023. It will translate well in all areas of your life, especially communication which will be the basis of your success. The increase in self-confidence in turn, brings more positivity and fulfilment. It’s a great year for singles to be on the lookout. Overall, the more activities and projects you embrace, the more likely chance you will experience joy and a sense of accomplishment.

It looks to be a social year for Gemini folk. The opportunities are there for the taking. Mid-year will be especially good for the single amongst you. The rose-coloured glasses are unlikely to sit comfortably this year though, so any friendship or relationship that relied upon them is unlikely to continue. You are more likely to see any gains in personal goals or projects until the end of the year, so stay positive and a happy ending to 2023 will be in the bag.

There’s no need to search out your comfy hiding spots this year, little Cancer Crabs! The planetary alignments are on your side. Now is the time to push past your boundaries and give those dreams a go. Give your all to the endeavour at hand and your efforts will be well-rewarded. There will be a few particularly grim days but I encourage you to keep up that energy. Have faith! You will see results.

Even though you may have a few obstacles thrown in your path in 2023 Leo, your year is looking to be pretty successful.
Relationships and the role each person plays in your life will be at the forefront of your mind. Taking stock of what you have and finding contentment in that will bring about the fulfilment you crave. The planets are aligned to assist you in whatever you set out to achieve but your input will be the deciding factor in your success.

Stay on the lookout this year, Virgo – don’t jump to conclusions, and don’t race ahead to the last page of the book. Not everything is going to go as planned and you might be compelled to rush to the most logical finish you can imagine – my advice to you is wait and see! You won’t jeopardise your success by reigning in your natural inclination to organise and make an order. Just enjoy the highs and know the lows don’t last forever.

Libra, I hope you have your money affairs in order. If not, hop to it. In order to take advantage of the upcoming monetary cosmic alignments, you need to have some plans in place. You will more than likely need to reach out for assistance this year in your general day-to-day life – be prepared for a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to keep those Libran scales balanced.

It’s one of those ‘slow and steady wins the race kind of years for you, Scorpio. Especially in the finance and career section of life. Make sure you work consistently on your goals if you’re looking for success in 2023. Keeping productive is the way to attract the winning energies swirling around when Jupiter comes calling.

You took a bit of a hit in the last few months of 2022, Sag but this year promises to make up for it. You have planetary alignments lining up to court you! It is going to be a bumper year in all areas of life – especially on the romantic front. There are so many avenues, paths, opportunities and choices. My only word of warning is to not participate in anything ‘too’ risky. It’s where the twists and turns might be your undoing.

Capricorns are known for staying the course and standing strong in their ethical ways. This will definitely be your key to success this year. You know how to be yourself, stand your ground and fight for what you want. There are no shortcuts to victory and this tenet will not only assist you in earning the money, status, financial gain or anything else you have your sights on – it will also ensure the seeds you planted last year come to fruition.

Your theme this year is YOU. While working for the ‘greater good’ or your fellow man is important, 2023 will glow for Aquarian folk when they shine that spotlight on their own needs and desires. My advice to you this year is take that exercise class, learn that skill, call that doctor or spend that time on yourself. There are lots of ways to put off confronting hard truths about ourselves and Aquarians know them all intimately. This year, success will come when you are nourished and attended to.

Deciding what you want is key in 2023. Make sure you direct your energy to those ideas that have the potential to benefit you. It’s time to discard the ‘what-if’ and ‘maybe’ dreams that are draining your time and attention. Any decisions made in the first few months of the year are likely to have a strong impact on the remaining months so pay attention and focus on what it is you want to achieve both this year and long term.



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