You Were Never Broken

What if there was nothing that you needed to fix about yourself?

What if, instead of feeling like a lost sock in the spin cycle of a ruthless existential clothes dryer called life, you became a powerful super conscious creator; directing YOUR story the way YOU desire it to go? Nobody else.

Here’s the thing I really want you to know: when you tap into the well-spring of super consciousness within, you don’t need anyone else to ‘show you the way’, or tell your future, or ‘fix you’. You are not and never were BROKEN!

You don’t need to be ‘repaired’, you need to be REVIVED! Or rather, the connection with your super conscious requires a jumpstart!

Surviving Vs Thriving
Most people end up existing by default, without really being fully aware of why they make the choices they make and take the actions they take.

Ninety-five percent of everything we do occurs in the unconscious mind. That means, 95% of all your choices, actions and ways you engage with people arise from an intention and agenda you’re not even consciously aware of.

Your unconscious mind is only interested in your safety and survival. Hence, most people experience life, making all their choices and taking action, based on, “How do I stay safe and survive?” Rather than, “How do I create a life in which I THRIVE?”

But what if you could reprogram your unconscious mind AND tap into the most powerful creative consciousness that resides inside of you; your super conscious? In a very aware, conscious and intentional way?

What if, instead of being one of the 95 percent of people existing by default, you could effectively reprogram yourself to become a unique way-shower, living by divine design? A design of your creation?

Not at the mercy or control of friends, family, bosses, colleagues or anyone else for that matter. Not having to meditate for hours, or journal ’til your hand cramps. But by following your own intuitive path, every step of the way, every single day? As your new ‘normal’!

It is totally possible! We see our clients achieve this transformation every single time, as this is what happens when you let STARR light your path to recovery and revival, so you can plug back into the power that’s been yours all along!

Our proven pathways literally work with and favourably alter your neurological and cellular pathways; amplifying your intuitive knowledge exponentially, giving you the confidence to set boundaries like a boss and putting you in the driver’s seat as the magical creatrix of your own fabulous AF life!

Become Your Own SuperHero!
Applications are now open to secure your spot as one of 8 intrepid heroes; we’re taking on our next transformative adventure – embarking on 5th December!

The 12-week Hero’s Journey to Self-Mastery (Power of 8!) Program (with 3 BONUS Calm Your Christmas Sessions to prep you for the festive season and family gatherings!), is a powerful immersion into your own shadows and psyche!

You’ll be guided to the depths of your ancestral stories, uncovering the root cause of painful patterns that keep repeating in your life and accessing the ‘beginning of time’ universal wisdom, housed in your very own unique soul’s library. Here, you will get a deeper insight than ever before into what makes you tick, and the limitless potential of your own healing power.

Are you ready to go deep into the shadows, so you can uncover the true extent of your light?

Bron Lea is a Complex Trauma Specialist, Soul Alchemist and Founder and Creator of STARR Collective Institute of Healing®️ and STARR Method™️.



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