Beauty is More Than Skin Deep – Jacine Drummond

We have been lucky enough in this edition to sit down with a multi-million-dollar business owner and find out how she did it. Jacine Drummond, AKA the Fairy Godmother of Skin, is a successful Cosmetic Chemist and Beauty Therapist. In this article, she shares her wins as well as some of her hot tips for business success.

Jacine is passionate about all things skin-related, “At a basic level what I do is fix skin. I am a Cosmetic Chemist and Beauty Therapist so I have combined both fields of knowledge, which allows me to effectively laser target skin conditions that many have been unable to find a solution for.”

She was motivated by her own skin issues. “I had cystic acne as a teenager, which made me very self-conscious. I thought I would grow out of it, but that never happened. Acne plagued me through adulthood as well, and even now, I still need to manage my skin,” she explained.

“My children developed eczema as well, and this led to me developing products specifically for sensitive skins who suffer from atopic conditions. I couldn’t find anything on the market that worked, so I created something that did work.”

Jacine has also battled chronic pain. It forced her to close her beauty business because she could no longer hold a pair of tweezers. She admits, “It made me refocus on my future and where I was going. My chosen career was no longer an option. I had started my brand by this stage but had not been fully focusing on it. The spinal surgeries gave me no choice but to focus on it because it was the only way I could earn an income.”

Jacine believes there are always solutions. “When I was younger, I had endometriosis and had significant help from a naturopath. This led me to being interested in herbal medicines in particular. I then got exposed to energy healing and, although not formally trained, I know I have the ability to heal others with it. I also believe food is medicine,” she admitted.

Jacine created the brand Roccoco, “Specifically, we have laser focused on acne-prone skins and atopic skins that suffer extreme sensitivity and stinging. We also do acne scarring… without invasive and painful procedures. My clients will reach out to me to ask me if I can help them with unusual skin conditions,” she said.

Roccoco’s Ruby Crystal Cleanser recently won the Allē Awards which brings behind-the-scenes ingenuity in cosmetics and personal care R&D into the spotlight. The Allē honours the scientific discipline, formulating skills, resourcefulness and creativity of innovators. The winning product contains a blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory oils, essential fatty acids and real ruby extract.

Jacine also recommends being patient with growth. “Many entrepreneurs give up because they can’t see any fruit on the tree. Just keep going and work on your business every day. It cannot help but grow if you do this,” she said.
Roccoco will be launching in Canada mid-2023.

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