For this tarot scopes I’m using the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

March 2022 Reading

General: The Moon

Well, well, well… If you thought the year would get simpler as it went on, I’m sorry to say the respite is not yet here. The overall energy for March this year will bring about a very strange somewhat eerie energy for the collective. You’ll feel your heckles prick up and your intuition spike with a ‘knowing’ something is off, but not sure as to the what, when, why, who and how. As you proceed through this month, use your gut instinct to distinguish between fact and fiction as the coming months will surely show the difference soon enough. This is a perfect time for inner searching and spiritual reflection. Trust your higher self to guide you through the fog.

Love/Romance: King of Cups

 Looking for your Soul Tribe? March brings about a strong impulse to either begin or continue that search. We are all on a journey, and now more than ever we are yearning on a deep level for those with whom we have a kismet connection. The ones who we feel free to be completely ourselves with, we can be the truest versions of ourselves and trust we will be accepted and even loved. This month brings about a supportive momentum in this search, a welcome turning point or synchronicity will come about ushering in a gift of hope that you’re one step closer to finding your soul tribe – thus making this tumultuous journey that much easier. Hang in there. 

Family/Domestic: The Lovers

Right on cue! Just when we need some love in our corner in the home and domestic area of our lives, we are given just that! Expect a shift in energy regarding how you feel about your home or personal situation. There will be a need to contemplate a very big choice regarding where your heart and intentions lie moving forward. Consider this an opportunity to reflect on what really matters to you, what do you need and want in your life? If you’re brave enough to ask yourself these questions, be brave enough to make the choice that brings you the outcome. Now is your cue to get what makes you really happy – be prepared, the answer may surprise you and bring about change.

Work/Career: 3 of Cups

Time to celebrate! There has been a massive movement globally that will come to be known as ‘the great resignation’. This movement has well and truly begun and will be felt this month in the area of work and career. A positive energy shift allowing people to recognise and reprioritise their desires of how they earn an income will finally be honoured, giving cause for celebration. Gone are the days people will sacrifice their own health and happiness to make ends meet – this is a time for flourishing and being inspired by your work while earning a healthy take-home package! Long overdue and well deserved!

Health/Wellbeing: Queen of Swords

Time for honesty. There will be a beautifully empowering energy in how one views their health and wellbeing for this month. What better way to be true to yourself than to be honest and make significant changes for your mind, body and soul. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, when you allow yourself to be selfish and take care of your needs you become better for those around you. This is an opportunity for you to facilitate the new norm of self care and create space for your mental health and wellbeing. When you take care of yourself and ground, you can achieve so much more.

April 2022 Reading

General: Page of Pentacles

April will bring about a strong push to sow many seeds. Afford yourself the vision and foresight to have multiple fingers in multiple pies as you may feel overly inspired to take on many endeavors in new and exciting directions. If you find yourself feeling somewhat impatient in terms of the rewards – pace yourself and take one step at a time, remember from little things, big things grow. A sense of anticipation will be looming, and boy it is relevant, as anything will be possible with the right method and ingredients – expect success to follow. 

Love/Romance: Temperance

An interesting twist will come about in many interpersonal relationships this month. A need for a true balance of give and take will be ever pressing. This change and restructure will come on swift wings, how it takes form however will be an entirely different story for each partnership. Two people can approach the same destination with contrasting attitudes and thus opposing outcomes. The key for a positive outcome for all will be honesty, communication followed by action with intent. Avoid all extremes, allowing the middle ground to bring stability.

Family/Domestic: 5 of Swords

The big two Cs are here! Caution and compassion are warranted as an energy of healing and patience takes place. There may be a disruptive sentiment lingering on the domestic front or even perhaps the need to heal from an aftermath, either way, the need for respite is required for all. Don’t allow the feeling of defeat to overcome you, instead use this time to stop, rest, breathe and reset. You’ll do well to surround yourself with those whom you feel comfortable around and give yourself the gift of time and solitude before kicking off next month. 

Work/Career: The Hermit

You might find yourself thinking… Did I make the right choice? April heralds in the ‘hangover’ of some major life-altering choices that have been recently made, as such it’s only natural to second guess and reflect on such decisions. Take some time to adjust to the inevitable teething period, some things take longer to get used to than others, be kind to yourself and have gentle thoughts away from too many demands. 

Health/Wellbeing: 6 of Cups and 10 of Wands

Remember when your biggest worry for your health and wellbeing was, “Did I brush my teeth?” You might find yourself thinking back to the good ol’ days such as these. As time goes on, a sense of nostalgia will creep in more and more while the pressures of staying healthier are ever accumulating, putting more strain on an already stressed mind, body and spirit. A back-to-basics approach will serve you well in every way and will guide you in weathering the overwhelming storm the globe goes through this month – your body, your mind, your spirit – you’ve got this!



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