Waking Up to Your Greatness

What would you say if I told you that having more money isn’t so much about changing the way you work as much as it is changing the way you think? And what if I told you that you have the ability to make as much money as you want? 

Would you say I was crazy? Off my rocker? Not making any sense? 

I certainly understand that. After all, for our entire lives, we’ve been told that the only way to have more money is to either:

  • Win the lottery
  • Work harder

The odds of you winning the lottery are small – and besides, there’s a much better way to make money. 

And while there’s certainly some truth that you must work hard if you want money, you can have as much money as you want without necessarily working harder

Yes, for real! 

See, here’s the thing…

There’s not a direct correlation between how hard you work and how much money you make.

Especially if you work for a salary. After all, you can work incredibly hard and only get a 3% raise every year. 

No matter how hard you work…

…you’re still going to be limited by your salary. 

However, there is a direct correlation between your money mindset and how much money you make. 

In other words, the way you think about money has a real and direct influence on how much money you actually make. 

Your money mindset can either: 

  • Catapult you to wealth
  • Keep you in poverty

That’s how powerful it is. 

This is why most people never reach the level of success they truly want. They don’t have an effective mindset about achieving success and gaining wealth. They’re trapped where they are and don’t know how to change. 

They’ve done things a certain way for so long that they can’t see any other way of doing them. 

In his book Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Ecker says:

The reality is that most people do not reach their full potential. Most people are not successful. Research shows that 80 percent of individuals will never be financially free in the way they’d like to be, and 80 percent will never claim to be truly happy. The reason is simple. Most people are unconscious. They are a little asleep at the wheel. They work and think on a superficial level of life—based only on what they can see. They live strictly in the visible world.

Does this describe you? 

  • Not reaching your full potential?
  • Not financially free? 
  • Not truly happy? 
  • Asleep at the wheel? 

You know that you should be achieving great things…

…but you just can’t quite seem to get there. 

Then this book is for you. 

This book will teach you how to change your mind and truly change your life. It will blow up many of the myths that you’ve believed for years and help reshape your thinking.

The only prerequisite for reading this book is an open mind. 

Some of what you’re about to read may contradict beliefs you’ve held about yourself and money for years. These beliefs have been holding you back from reaching your true potential. 

It’s time for those beliefs to be put to rest and for you to embrace the true reality of who you are. 

It’s time to stop being unconscious – asleep at the wheel – and to wake up to your greatness. 

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