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Sacred Geometry: A Powerful Language of the Universe

Treating a patient recovering from a cancerous tumour, I asked Lord Melchizedek to show me the symbol that would transmute any remaining cancer to harmless. The symbol that he showed me and consequently drew over my client with the pendulum was the Merkaba. I was elated because it made so much sense.

Essentially, the Merkaba is our Etheric or Ascended, Lightbody. The upward and downward facing tetrahedrons symbolise ‘as above, so below,’ or the reality of our existence. It shows the union between the physical body and the light of spirit, merging to become one. That is what we have been working towards for these past 12 years – to be connected to who we are in our etheric form and The All while living life in the physical world. In this energy, everything just is. There is no separation, just oneness and unconditional love. When our Merkaba, or Lightbody, has been activated, our consciousness is raised to the 5th-dimensional love of the Source of Creation and our own spiritual empowerment. In this energy, there is no duality, illness, disequilibrium or disease. Everything is in perfection and in the energy that it was created, which is unconditional love.

Sacred geometry is one of the languages of the Universe and can be found abundantly in nature here on Earth. Think about the intricate formations of petals in flower heads or the patterns of veins on leaves, the patterns within ice crystals or the symmetry of shape and colour on a butterfly and you’ll know what I mean! Pattern, symmetry and shape bring order, precision and balance to the living world and that is what healing with sacred geometry does.

Just recently I asked Melchizedek for the symbol to help heal the planet from the darker energies gripping it at the moment and I was shown the Flower of Life. Simplistically, the pendulum draws four, interlinked circles but graphically it is much more complicated. It is the symbol held within the 7th, Crown Chakra and represents oneness and the connectedness of all life to the one, geometric plan. It is a perfect symbol to bring the energy of the world out of separation and back into the light!

I use the pendulum to balance and activate the light in chakras and it is quite spectacular to watch the pendulum move while my hand is still! I always call in the master/archangel who is working with the client and ask for a balance and activation for their highest and best. The more complicated the symbols that the pendulum draws over each chakra, the more light I know the person is receiving. Higher light = higher vibrational frequency = a higher consciousness.

So, while I would never guarantee a cure to anybody, I know that the masters are providing me with the most powerful tools of the Universe to raise the vibrations and energy fields of my clients. It is the best way to ensure their ability to strengthen all of their bodies against dis-connection, dis-ease and dis-equilibrium and regain their health. The other tools I use to bring balance and higher light into my clients’ energy fields and bodies are sound healing or toning, colour therapy and the sacred breath.

Now you’re speaking my language!


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