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Tips and Tricks from Attuned Healing

Whether it be a human, plant, chair, or thought, everything in our existence is part of an interconnected web of electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. Even solid objects like tables are made up of microscopic vibrating atoms that receive, store, and emit energy. All humans and objects have an energy field that has its own vibrational frequency. We are a body of frequency; the human body vibrates optimally between 62-78MHz. When the body is in pain, the frequency drops. Considering your body’s frequency and providing tools and techniques to assist your body to return to a healthy frequency range is critical for our healing process. There are many different tools and systems to help improve our body’s vibrational frequency.

By increasing our vibrational frequency, we allow our body to heal more quickly and effectively.

Each day as a daily ritual I ensure I have grounded, connected to my heart space and cut cords, these help our physical, spiritual and etheric bodies (energetic fields).

All my tips are found on my YouTube Channel – Attuned Healing Belinda Smith

Let’s start with grounding and connecting to Mother Earth, with everything that is happening in the world right now, grounding is so important to incorporate into your daily ritual. Grounding is very centering and calming and soothes your mind, body, and spirit. What is grounding you might ask? Grounding or earthing is the practice of reconnecting the human body to the Earth. The theory of grounding states modern lifestyle has disconnected humans from the electrons naturally present in the ground. This loss could be responsible for increased inflammation, affected sleep, and chronic pain.

Another tip I do morning and night, just like brushing your teeth is cord cutting. As we move through our lives – growing, learning, evolving – we must necessarily let go of that which no longer serves us. When we let go, we create space. This space is that of potential, of possibility. Cord cutting helps recover energy that has been lost and re-establishes healthy energetic boundaries. You can think of cord cutting like many small steps of transition. Each day we are evolving. Learning and growing beyond what we once were. Holding on to what would prevent us from moving forward. On my YouTube channel I have a short demonstration on how to cord cut and who you can call in to assist with this. Heart Breath practice will guide you to access the power of your own heart to generate a sense of peace and clarity. The heart’s energy is more powerful than the brain’s, by practising heart breath will bring your brain into coherence with your heart. This coherence, between heart and brain, will help you think more clearly, calmly, and effectively. In addition, heart breath meditation will allow you to access the wisdom of your heart.

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