Time for a Change? The Path to Reinventing Yourself

Hitting the reset button helps rejuvenate your business, work, relationships, hobbies and ultimately, the Self. Recognising the change and leaning towards it brings renewed hope for the future.


Being the queen of reinvention, and on reflection, I seem to complete a cycle each NINE years. I shed a layer I used to protect myself which brings a deeper connection to my purpose and I highly recommend the practice.


I learned to be fearless about my future and compassionate towards my own gentle heart. 

Do you recognise phrases like stuck in a rut, self-sabotage, fear of change? You could cut and run, give up or do the same old thing expecting the same results. Chances are the sense of discomfort is your intuition letting you know change is imminent.


So, how do you embrace that opportunity with the least amount of resistance. I have observed a pattern which I would love to share…

1. Feeling restless? That fidgety feeling that something is not quite right is the Crown Chakra downloading some inspiration. Observing the world through this filter fires up the imagination.

2. Feeling envious or admiration of another? Learning of someone’s achievements and realising you could actually do that! Here the Brow Chakra is revealing what is possible through your imagination, placing you front and centre. You’ve got this!

3. Finding yourself meeting people of like mind. Serendipity… yes? Finding your tribe is such a blessing. People who speak your language and really get you. Through your Throat Chakra you are able to articulate your desires and build trust in yourself.

4. How much do you like yourself when you are expressing your passion? Compliments flow and that satisfied feeling from living your dream. Here the Heart Chakra is functioning at its optimum level. Feelings of absolute joy and vulnerability abound here, be fully immersed. The heart is the compass of the Soul.

5. Tools and real time opportunities just turn up! Wow! How I love it when ideas flow and I succeed, materials I require abound and the right support appears just when I need it in real time. This is the Solar Plexus working hard to actualise your dreams. Lean into it and let go.

6. Making a difference in someone’s life. Pure joy by just being yourself. Gaining a deep sense of satisfaction from your actions and reaping the rewards tenfold. This is the Sacral Chakra connecting you to the most intimate part of you, observing yourself through a connection with another. Without the work achieved from the above points the deep connection would never exist.

7. So here you are rejuvenated and renewed. Shedding the old and glowing within a journey well travelled. Here is the Base Chakra feeling safe and secure, a sense of purpose and control. Here you become the master of your reinvention until, like the Wheel Of Fortune, the next iteration begins its gentle call from within.





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