The Sacred Rebel Archetype: The Responsibility of Staying in the Light

I believe this is one of the greatest archetypes that is active on the planet at the moment. There is so much confrontation and Us vs Them in so many areas of politics, media, family, friends and of course on social platforms.

We have two groups of thought in regards to the vaccine. Those who have decided to take it and those who have decided they do not want to and have refused to under increasing amounts of pressure.

People have lost jobs, friends, cannot travel, faced restrictions and had family confrontations while standing their ground and believing in their right to choose.

This is one of the greatest expressions of the Rebel archetype that I can use as a teaching tool to describe this archetypal pattern.

It presents in two different ways: the Rebel or the Sacred Rebel archetype. 

Firstly, there is the Rebel, which is a deeply personal well of strength. This strength allows you to go against the rest of society, the government, family and everyone. 

You have made your decision, drawn your line in the sand and nothing will change your mind. Many Rebels have done their research or are following their intuition and have decided they are not taking the vaccine.

The Rebel makes the personal decision to not take it and then leaves it at that. They feel no desire to tell people about their decision or to convince others to not take it either.

This brings me to the second archetype, the Sacred Rebel. This archetype feels the compulsion to want to help others and to save others. 

These are your activists, whistle-blowers and conspiracy theorists. These people have a concern for themselves but more importantly they are deeply concerned about big picture problems.

They will look at mandates, laws and restrictions and think of the short-term issues but also the long-term ramifications. Like if we pass a law now and do not fight it, that law can then be misused later on to take away our rights.

A Sacred Rebel is not only concerned about everyone’s rights but they will also fight for them. Their actions, energies and love is all focused on helping the whole.

But it is here in this moment that the Sacred Rebel needs to be extremely vigilant because they are going to be prone to facing criticism, dislike, confusion and even hatred from the very people that they are fighting for.

This makes the Sacred Rebel feel rejected and hurt. They are in essence only trying to help and they are being vilified for it.

So, what happens is they take that hurt and funnel it into the Judge archetype. They start calling people blind, sheep, sheeple etc.

They are passive aggressive and snide in their posts and memes online and in their communication, this ends up shifting them into the Shadow aspects of the Sacred Rebel.

A Sacred Rebel needs to remember is that they are going to face attacks and confusion from the rest of society and they need to respond with sovereign calm and educational facts.

Let’s look at some of the most famous Sacred Rebels: Florence Nightingale, Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, Gahndi, Emmeline Pankhurst, Neslon Mandela, Malala Yousafzai and countless others.

They fought for the betterment of others and for what they think is the right thing to do.

What they did not do is call people blind sheep.

The single most important thing the Sacred Rebel’s need to do right now, is understand when they get hurt by people rejecting them, calling them names and dismissing them as crazy… it is just fear, people are afraid.

The very people they are trying to save are lashing out and judging because they do not have a Rebel or Sacred Rebel archetype to give them strength and courage.

It is absolutely inconceivable to these people that their government or the medical industry could be wrong or making the wrong decisions.

A Sacred Rebel’s job is to educate from a place of love, respect and staying in the light… not falling into the shadow.

They need to ask themselves how can they educate people who are afraid?

One powerful tool is to pose questions that make people think, to use history and logic with no inflammatory words to make them feel judged or uncomfortable. 

Even better they can show their own fears and be brave enough to share their vulnerability. 

Here is an example I use:

“I am really worried because there is a history of the medical industry getting things really wrong. Do you know when they discovered Radium and how it can be used to shrink cancerous tumours it was celebrated as the new wonder treatment. Everyone was told it was safe.”

There was no understanding of long-term side effects and it was hugely popular. They even created many industries which used it, like glow in the dark paint for watches in World War One so soldiers could see in the trenches.”

“Glow in the dark watches was a thriving industry which in turn killed well over 4000 women in America alone.”

“They were all told it was safe but Radium ended up killing tens of thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands because it took 20 years to discover their terrible error.” 

“The medical industry has made many mistakes over the years and what if this is one too? This is my greatest concern about the vaccine.”

By telling stories like this, sharing posts like this and having conversations like this. Sacred Rebels can encourage people to start questioning their viewpoints.

Instead, the Sacred Rebel shows their concerns, talks about their fears and educates them about researchable past events in history.

People might still dismiss this and ignore you, belittle you, dismiss your concerns. But they have listened and hopefully will go away and think about it.

So if you feel like you have a Sacred Rebel archetype I deeply thank you for caring about the entire planet but I ask you to stay strong and don’t fall into the shadow.

If you call people blind, insinuate they are stupid or be snide or passive aggressive you have completely lost them and they will never listen to you.

Sacred Rebels who stay in the Light and never give up change the world; history shows that!



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