The Chocolate Wizard – Kyle Lazich

Interview and Article by MICHELLE R PRICE

Who doesn’t like chocolate and all of its sweet, delicious goodness? Cacao is chocolate in its most raw form and, in some people, acts as a stress buster and mood enhancer.

Cacao seeds are collected from a small tropical American evergreen tree. Cocoa, cocoa butter, and chocolate are made from these seeds. Cacao has been labeled a ‘superfood’, containing one of the highest sources of magnesium in nature. The bean contains loads of antioxidants, calcium, zinc, copper and selenium.

Rebirth Magazine has been lucky enough to connect with a man who calls himself the Chocolate Wizard. Gold Coast-based, Kyle Lazich, describes the sweet treat as ‘dreamy’ and agrees it has ‘magical’ properties. He also said he feels like, “Chocolate already has this beautiful ‘love’ energy with our hearts that we already get quite dreamy when we have chocolate… and a Wizard is essentially someone who seeks wisdom… and holds council for wisdom.”

The Sound Healer, Breath Worker and Herbalist agrees that chocolate has the ability to bring up happy childhood memories, saying he often asks participants at his gatherings, “What’s the first experience that you remember of chocolate and who gave that chocolate to you and how did it feel?”

“Because it is a plant and it’s a plant that’s been used by ancient Mayan, Aztecs and Inka as a food medicine and a sacrament as a currency and it’s weaved its way into our world and we already have a connection with it, yet most people don’t understand, or haven’t learnt yet of its healing effects and its more magical, mystical uses in the past,” Mr Lazich said.

Kyle said he likes to tell people that cacao grows on a tree and is actually a fruit, reminding them of its properties as plant medicine. The beans can be ground into a paste which Kyle used to create his company, ‘Flower of Life Cacao’. His Cacao is sourced from Peru and he turns it into a drink which has medicinal herbs added to increase energy levels and adaptation and raise your mood. This can also be purchased in chocolate squares.

He said chocolate offers us a natural high but does contain small amounts of caffeine. Kyle stresses that chocolate is more heart-centred than coffee, for example, making us feel loving. “Coffee is like do, do, do. People might get pleasure in drinking coffee, however the effect of coffee is not very loving.” He added that chocolate can give us a feeling of euphoria and ecstasy.

Seasonally, Kyle also makes small batches of chocolate. He was offering this delicacy to a wider audience but has wound that back, and now only makes it available to a select group of his choosing. This group is accessible by invitation only and is known as ‘The Secret Chocolate Society’. He teaches members more about herbs, mindfulness and meditation. He also presents online ‘chocolate dreamings’, a meditation which includes chocolate.

The other exciting project Kyle has on the burner is planting cacao trees in Cairns. They will be planted alongside “Bananas, jackfruit and papaya so everything grows together, and it can actually reforest at the same time so in 10 years’ time, amongst the forest, there’ll be a cacao farm in there.”

Kyle has several other offerings including something called, ‘Chocolate on the Dance Floor’.

Check out Kyle’s website:



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