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Setting Energetical Boundaries to Avoid Confrontations

Last February I had a beautiful friend who was bombarding me with messages and detailing their life in minute detail. I absolutely adore this person and knew that I was going to have to say something because I didn’t have the time or patience to listen anymore. I am someone who doesn’t like confrontation and I was trying to craft the ideal message to not offend them but also assert my own boundaries. I wanted them to know that I was happy to answer questions they have, listen to breakthroughs, hear about their struggles or even a rant. But I didn’t want to know that they saw a bird that morning, were going shopping or brushing their teeth. Some of the messages were bordering on the bazaar, as I had never known anyone to message with such mundane details.

This wasn’t like our normal communication and the sheer strangeness of the exchanges actually made me pause and ask myself if Spirit was trying to show me something. I wondered if this was a lesson for me to work on my issues with confronting people. Maybe it was supposed to be an opportunity for me to stand up for myself in a loving way.

However, that didn’t feel right and I still procrastinated on requesting they stop. The Universe of course has a wonderful sense of humour and I got a final message from my friend which was so out of the world odd I did something very cool. I was sitting in my bed and I put my hand up in the universal sign of STOP – hand raised with palm facing away from body as if I was trying to ward off these messages. Out of my mouth poured this wonderful affirmation. “I adore our friendship and I am happy for you to ask me questions, tell me about your triumphs or explain your struggles. But I am no longer happy with our current communication and I reject all future timelines where you continue to send meaningless messages.”

While I said this out loud, I pictured myself talking soul to soul and I had this grounded Sovereign energy. I was very clear with my intention that I didn’t want to lose my friendship. But I was also declaring that I did not want to ever have these rambling messages again.
I went to bed and when I awoke the next day there were no messages, I was kind of shocked and a lot relieved. I stayed positive and after a few days I knew that it had worked. I had set up an energetical boundary and avoided having to have any form of potential confrontation.

For nearly 18 months now I have been experimenting with this technique and encouraging my clients when I coach them to also play with this energetic tool. I have used this exact process to manifest clients who are aligned with my values and want to work with me. I also have used this technique for those wanting to book in for a reading with me.

I set up the boundary that people only book in with me for a reading if they are really serious about changing their life and want to see what is happening Archetypally. After I did this, the people who have booked in with me are always going through incredible transformation or initiations.
I have countless stories which confirm that it is possible to set these boundaries up in the quantum realm or on a soul level. During all my experiments I learned two really important facts.

  1. You have to be in a genuine Sovereign space where you feel grounded but at the same time detached. You cannot have any form of anger, frustration, judgment or are offended by the other person when you put your hand up and set this energetical boundary. So please do not do this process while in the trigger or irritation. Allow yourself the time to calm down and become clear and detached. Only then, do you speak soul to soul and it will work.
  2. If you put your hand up and do this when frustrated or hurt you will create a weird quantum entanglement.


Let me explain, I woke up one morning to a very confusing message and I was still half asleep. After listening I was very irritated and judgmental. Just like normal I did this process without knowing the consequences. I not only made this person really confused so they mixed-up event dates and details, but it had a weird effect on other people in my life. I had 3 other people who know me very well get the exact same confusion about the exact same event.

The weird thing was, I had multiple conversations about the upcoming event, but after I did this process in the vibration of irritation and judgment. They all said the exact same thing to me. They said, “I thought the event was the next month. I don’t know why because I know it’s next week. We talked about it, I can’t explain how I got so confused.” When 3 different people all tell you the same thing…you know that it’s a message. It couldn’t be clearer that I was responsible for this entire confusing episode. This is why I am far more careful about what emotional state I am in when I play in the energetical and quantum realm.

We always say – “Be careful what you wish for because you might get it.” This is very true when we start working with the universal laws of manifestation. If we do not be careful with our words, emotions and actions. We can end up manifesting lessons which are not the ones we really wanted.
I highly recommend you start playing with this energetic tool which I have called the ‘Stop Sign Technique’, while the name might be a bit unimaginative the process really does work. Remember to have fun but be careful you are in a positive vibration first!



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