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Sect in Astrology

Is your Natal chart a Daytime or Nighttime chart? Not sure? You’re not alone. The ancient Hellenic technique of sect in Astrology is gradually being rediscovered after falling out of use for many years. What is it?

This technique is the easy and fun concept of interpreting your Natal chart according to whether it belongs to either the Diurnal (day) sect or the Nocturnal (night) sect. Your sect will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the seven classical planets within your Natal chart.
Diurnal: Sun, Jupiter, Saturn
Nocturnal: Moon, Venus, Mars

Mercury is an adaptable planet and has no inherent sect. Call it neutral. It changes according to whether it is positioned so that it rises before the sun rises and sets before the sun sets (diurnal) or if it rises after the sun rises and sets after the sun sets (nocturnal).

How does it work? In practical use, this means for those with Daytime charts, the sun sign will have more emphasis. Conversely, the moon sign will have more empathy for those with Nighttime charts. The malefic (or ‘unfavourable’) planets, Mars and Saturn, tend to be chiefly difficult when they are conflicting with the sect in favour (Saturn in a night chart or Mars in a day chart). On the other hand, those same planets can be non-threatening and even advantageous or productive when they are of the sect in favour (Saturn in a day chart or Mars in a night chart).

It is the same for the benefit (or ‘favourable’) planets whereby Jupiter tends to be even more benefic in a day chart, and Venus tends to be more benefic in a night chart. Conversely, Jupiter tends to have some of its more positive implications set aside in a night chart, while Venus’ benefic implications are slightly repressed in a day chart.

What sect is my chart? At its simplest, you can work out your ruling sect by locating the position of the Sun on your Natal chart:
• Daytime sect – your Sun is positioned above the horizon (in houses 7-12)
• Nighttime sect – your Sun is positioned below the horizon (in houses 1-6).

If your Sun is in the 1st or 7th house, you need to check if it is above or below the ascendant/descendant axis. If it is above the axis, you have a ruling daytime sect, if it is below the axis, you have a ruling nighttime sect.
How do I interpret my chart? You can begin to interpret your chart in a couple of different ways. Here are the steps I follow to gain an overall view.

STEP ONE: Determine the sect of your chart, and have a look at which planets are acting in your favour.
Daytime Sect – The daytime planetary superstar is Jupiter. You can act a lot like your Sun sign – this is expressly true for those with a Leo sun sign.
In order from most favourable to least favourable, they are 1. Jupiter 2. Venus 3. Saturn 4. Mars
Nighttime Sect – The nighttime planetary superstar is Venus. Your Moon sign may resonate more with you, especially if you have a Cancer sun sign.
In order from most favourable to least favourable, they are 1. Venus 2. Jupiter 3. Mars 4. Saturn

STEP TWO: Discover the ruling aspects of these planets and note how they are represented in your Natal Chart.
Jupiter – Represents learning, expansion and abundance. It is attributed to the traits of generosity and tolerance. There is optimism, calm and influence of spiritual growth.
Venus – represents our personal values, harmony and the relationships we have with everything and everyone around us. It is attributed to the trait of attractiveness – both what we attract and what attracts us.
Saturn – Represents discipline, practicality and perseverance. There is control of emotions, structure and an analytical mind.
Mars – represents raw energy, action and passion. It is attributed to the traits of aggression, desire and pursuit. There is impatience, forcefulness and drive.

STEP THREE: Make a note of the House placement of these planets in your Natal Chart. Generally speaking, the house of the most positive planet (Jupiter or Venus) will be an area of great fortune for you. It will be where you shine or the area you find easiest to navigate in your life. Conversely, the house in which the most negative planet resides (Saturn or Mars) will be the one that tends to bring the most difficulty or hardship.
1st House – House of Self. Represents beginnings, identity, attitude to life, personality and self-image.
2nd House – House of Value. Represents personal finances, material possessions, values, priorities, your job and work ethic.
3rd House – House of Communication. Represents your mind and intellect, the way you communicate, your social activities and interests.
4th House – House of Home. Represents everything related to femininity, your family, history and roots.
5th House – House of Pleasure. Represents love, amusement, pleasure, creativity, fertility and self-expression.
6th House – House of Health. Represents overall wellness, including spiritual practise, diet, the rhythm of your daily habits, how you manage emotions, what you contribute to the world and fitness.
7th House – House of Partnership. Represents all-important relationships and how you navigate them, including romantic, sexual, friends, family and business.
8th House – House of Sex and Death. Represents taboos, sex, dark psychology, hidden agendas, jealousy, revenge, transformation, intimacy, joint ventures and other people’s possessions.
9th House – House of Spirituality. Represents wanderlust, curiosity, travel, philosophy, cross-cultural relationships, higher education, law and religion.
10th House – House of Ambition. Represents masculinity, your long-term goals, status, public image, professional aspirations, reputation and successes.
11th House – House of Friendship. Represents humanitarianism, technology, societies conventions and restrictions, large groups or teams, judgment, friends and the power of the collective.
12th House – House of Secrets. Represents endings, the subconscious, dreams, emotions, the unconscious, secrets, isolation, karma, healing, spirituality, psychic realms and closure.
STEP FOUR: Marry those two pieces of information together. This is a super-simple way of unlocking more knowledge of your unique cosmic character. The principle of sect offers a powerful way to look over a chart and determine which planets are likely to be the most supportive and useful, and which are the most detrimental.

Have fun!



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