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Do You Have Good Friends?

Friends are a gift. What does a good friend mean? What are the differences between an acquaintance and a good friend? What is friendship?

Let us begin our inquiry by asking about what friendship is? Can it be defined? What is the relationship of friendship? What qualities does this relationship have? Is it when two people share common interests, care for each other, enjoy being together and help each other? Do they hold the same values and beliefs? If not, where do they connect?

If you don’t share the same interests and therefore time together, does that make you an acquaintance or just someone you know? I know a lot of friends I have had for years, but rarely see them and spend time with them. Is this a friendship? Is there any mathematical formula? Can one be a good friend, even if one shares very few interests and beliefs?

What about caring for each other? Many times, we find that friends are careless in their relationship, but when it comes to crunch situations, they come forward with all their might and show tremendous care. Does this imply that even if a friend is not much caring on a day-to-day basis, he/she can still be a good friend; if there is a strong affinity that brings them together?

Let us talk of enjoying each other’s company. Does this mean that good friends avoid others? Are they always found together? What if they don’t meet each other for a month? This relationship is indefinable. Isn’t it? Because being a good friend of someone may mean that we care for each other deeply, but need not show it always. We are ready to help whenever the need arises. That even if we are not together all the time, we love being together. We defend each other whenever any external threat arises. The last test is the final test of good friendship. Friends may remain away for a long period and continue with their life, but when the need arises, they are together.

When you have shared some significant time with another, and have memories and experiences there is a bond that is created. We value and respect each other. However, I see many people in my practice who seem to struggle with friendships. Whether it is being able to meet like-minded souls and cultivate a relationship; or that they seem to have emotional challenges when it comes to friends.

When I work on a client’s energy in an Unlock Your Love Blocks coaching session I often see blocks to friendship in the heart chakra. Often our blueprint to relationships start with our dynamics with our siblings. It can be very interesting what can be discovered there when you look at your relationship with the very first people in life you had to learn about peers and connections. Often I can look back further and there may be challenges with one or both of your parents with their own siblings. These types of dynamics can be passed down the generations. Often, one may have worthiness issues, or communication issues, or generally feel challenged when it comes to friendships, this is true. But often when I dig back on an energy and soul level there is often some things behind us whether in our childhood or in our ancestry that may need to be disentangled.

Having some great friendships is crucial to everyone’s wellbeing. Moving forward many lightworkers, empaths and other energy sensitive souls are being called out of their caves. Having the capacity to cultivate great friendships, and knowing when and how to maintain your boundaries will be important.

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