Intuition and Listening to my Gut Feeling got me Where I am Today!

“Intuition is real. Energy is real. Tune in and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Your body never lies.”

I was born in the Czech Republic during its time of communist rule. My parents escaped from the Czech Republic when I was only nine. I had no idea at the time that I was involved in escaping the Czech Republic; I just thought I was going on holiday to visit my relatives in Cannes, in the south of France. From there we moved to Germany and a few years later we finally settled in Australia where my parents were seeking a better life for my brother and me. I learnt English first in my family. It was up to me, in the main, to take control in the initial years and help my parents with the necessities. I am so grateful that my parents had the foresight and courage to leave their home, everything they owned, their friends and family for an unknown future. Maybe I got that ‘follow your gut’ attitude from them.

I have always been an independent person, even at a very early age. I’ve always listened and followed my gut as to how and what I should and shouldn’t do.

I was eleven when we landed in Australia. I spoke three languages and was about to take on another. My real name is ‘Kvetuse’ but when I attended school in Australia all my friends said, “No, we don’t think so. We can’t even pronounce that,” and there and then I became ‘Kuve’. Yes, light and bubbly just like the champagne and that has never changed.

I don’t remember too much about daily life, just that I did what needed to be done and got on with life. What I do remember as I got older was that I had a dream and a strong desire and a gut feeling that I wanted to go back to Europe and live there as an adult.

Who would have thought that as time went on, and life progressed, that the travel dream was still inside of me sitting there in the filing cabinet of my mind, in my dream box? Can’t blame me – the travel bug started early within me when my parents took me to Cannes in France at the age of seven and there and then I was hooked.

I often think about how my life has progressed and where my personal road has taken me. It reminds me of the book I read many, many years ago called The Path of Least Resistance. The book was all about ‘going with the flow’. When we force things to happen, life tends to make the road a bit harder for us. When we let go and go with the flow, things have a way of working themselves out.

I knew early on in my twenties that I was connected to something, but I was unaware of what it was. When I put my hands on people’s shoulders they would say to me, “What are you doing? I can feel something. It feels warm.” And I would very sheepishly and innocently smile and reply, “Oh nothing.” It was at this time that I knew I was doing something unique that other people around me could not do. When I placed my hands on their body, after a while they would feel better and calmer as a result. I had absolutely no idea that I was connecting to the universal energy that constantly moves through and around us.

In my early thirties an opportunity presented itself. I went with the flow and said yes and before I knew it, I was on my way to San Francisco to live. It was here that my life really took on a holistic focus. San Francisco was so different and alive and my time there was life-changing.

During my time in San Francisco, I attended numerous events on the different modalities in regard to energy healing. This opened my awareness to the discovery of MY connection to energy force. I realised I could help myself and others to balance their mind, body, and spirit. During one of the courses, I met my first mentor and teacher who introduced me to Reiki. Over several years of study, I became a Reiki Master and started to work at a holistic centre, and there my journey in energy healing began.

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative therapy that is commonly referred to as energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called hands-on healing through which ‘universal life-force energy’ is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage and assist in emotional or physical healing.

As time went on, one door closed again, and a new direction presented itself. This journey took me to Prague in the Czech Republic. Did you know that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Well, that’s my opinion. You can’t blame me. I was born there, and I am somewhat biased. If you have an opportunity to visit Prague, you must. The history, the culture, the food and may I say the best beer in the world. You will love the history and the energy when you walk on the cobblestone roads that were built over one thousand years ago.

I had totally forgotten that the little girl inside of me, who had a dream to live in Europe, had succeeded in that dream. There I was in my mid-thirties, living my dream. What a journey and what a ride. It was just amazing and an eye-opening experience. Who would have ever imagined that I had to live in the US in order to be able to live in Europe? The road has a strange way of directing you in the path that you want or need to go in. Sometimes we find ourselves travelling along with lots of curves and even a few side roads without us even knowing it.

During my time in Prague, I came to realise that Europeans are much more open to holistic healing when they have a health issue. They were more traditional in their views toward health and healing. This was a pleasant surprise, as my experience in Australia was vastly different.

In reflection, I now understand why I had a strong connection and desire to move back to Europe. I wanted to live and experience life where I was born and reconnect with my relatives and understand my heritage. I was finally living a bohemian lifestyle in Prague. I felt alive and I felt at home. Then the realisation finally clicked within me, just like a light bulb moment. “Can you see it?” Wow, I am here, and I am living and experiencing my dream and what I wanted to do so long ago. I just had to go a different way to get here. I allowed myself to go with the flow and followed my gut.

While living in Prague, I was working full-time in a mainstream job and only practising my holistic healing in my spare hours. I continued my education in holistic techniques but had some small issues with my Czech language. My relatives would look at me strangely and laugh whenever I spoke to them in Czech. When I asked, “What did I say?” they would laugh and roll around on the floor and say, “It’s not WHAT you said but HOW you said it.” I was speaking Czech in an Australian accent like a child, and it sounded “Czechlish.” I don’t think a word like that exists but it was funny at the time.

I didn’t speak formal Czech as my parents left when I was only nine. We lived in France and then in Germany for several years before moving to Australia, so you can imagine my head was full of languages going from one to another.

When you are trying to express what needs to be said in Czech, it was hard to communicate when all the courses I was doing were in English. It was hard to translate to other languages and even harder when, in my head, I would translate English to Czech then to German. But I did it.

In 1999, I decided my time in Prague was coming to a close. My parents were quite elderly, and I decided the best thing for me was to move back to Australia. This was one of the hardest choices I had to make, and it didn’t come easy, as I had built a life for myself in Europe. For the first time, I made a decision that took a lot of thinking and planning. Yes, can you believe it? Me who just jumps and follows my gut and goes, “Next.” I knew in my heart it was time for me to leave and return to Sydney.

It was divine timing that the Olympics were being held in Sydney in 2000 so why not make the move now? I arrived back in Sydney in time for the 2000 New Year’s fireworks celebration. I love fireworks and these did not disappoint. I was standing right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge amongst the energy generated by all the people. What a buzz; it was amazing. It was something I needed to do to fill my cup as it was really hard to be back after almost nine years of living abroad.

The road to finding a job when I returned was difficult, and I didn’t share my sadness and disappointments with anyone. Even the best CV didn’t do anything for me with all the amazing experience I had from Europe. So I decided to start working as a casual and that was the best decision I ever made. Again I listened to that inner voice within me and went with the flow.

I loved living on the North Shore where I grew up, so I decided that was where I would live again. I was used to walking everywhere when I lived in Prague, so it just made sense to be close to all the action.

When I settled back in Australia, new mentors and new teachers presented themselves to me and I started to continue my education in holistic and spiritual practices. There is a saying, “When a student is ready a teacher appears.” I was ready for expansion and learning, and some great mentors became my dear lifelong friends.

When the universe is trying to teach us something, sometimes it keeps repeating life’s lessons until we learn what we are meant to. If we do not learn the lesson, it keeps coming back like a bad smell over and over and over again until you get it (“Doh”). Trust me on this one. I am speaking from experience as it absolutely happened to me many times.

Here’s a quick story: I worked for a number of companies and held those jobs for a few years before the company either folded, downsized, or restructured and my role was made redundant. This happened again and again and again. You would think that I would listen to the universe and what it was trying to tell me, but I kept missing the message. I just didn’t get it. Sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees, and you might relate to that. I was so used to change I didn’t worry about it. I just got up and dusted myself off and said, “NEXT,” and went into automatic and looked for another job. I thought I was being resilient, flexible, and able to go with the flow just like the book The Path of Least Resistance that I read so many years ago.

I married late in 2010, to my now husband and when I was made redundant once again due to my company being bought, he was the one who said to me, “You are great at what you do, and you have helped so many people. Why don’t you do what you love doing and work for yourself as a holistic practitioner full time?” It was like a light bulb moment, and I have never looked back. That being said, the road to running your own business is not always easy. But it has been personally a rewarding one.

I continued my studies, and I grew as a practitioner. It’s a never-ending learning process for those of us who are in the holistic field. We are always awakening what is hidden and locked inside of us. By expanding and understanding myself, I knew I could help others, so I went on to study and complete my master level in Seichim Natural Healing.

Reiki and Seichim are standalone healing systems that until recently have been taught and applied separately. When I began combining both Reiki and Seichim with my clients, I was amazed at how well they complemented each other and helped to balance a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

In July 2014, I completed my qualification in a new and innovative way of releasing emotional blocks and trauma from the body called The Emotion Code. This innovative technique helps us to identify and release trapped emotions from the body in a loving and gentle way. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to self-heal. I feel blessed that I found this wonderful and innovative modality or should I say it has found me. Whether we realise it or not, our emotions control what we do and how we react in all aspects of our lives.

The Emotion Code works for adults, children, and even animals. I have had some amazing success with dogs and horses. They are great to work with and are so in tune with energy. Did you know that animals also suffer from trauma? I have had success assisting animals, in regard to aggression, anxiety, hoof imbalance, trauma, knee problems and of late a horse with ovary irregularities.

Hypnotherapy was something that I had always heard of and was curious about, so I decided to become a clinical hypnotherapist in 2020. Hypnotherapy adds a new depth with personalised scripts to assist my clients with positive affirmations to communicate with the subconscious mind on a deeper level and bypass the ego, the conscious mind.

My process of providing energy healing now consists of a combination of all these modalities. They all have their place and work together to provide a wonderful healing process. It works face-to-face, via Zoom or remotely, no matter where you are in the world. Today 98 percent of my clients are remote clients. I connect to their body via proxy and the process works just as well as if they were sitting next to me.

I have an instinctive ‘knowing’ of what I do. There is no explanation. Simply a knowing in my heart that what I am doing is helping others.

My clients’ testimonials give me satisfaction and a knowing that I am truly providing them with the support and assistance they needed.

I honestly believe everyone can benefit from having a healing, in whatever form, with a holistic practitioner. When you own a car, you have to get it serviced regularly. If you do nothing, the car will eventually stop, the lights on the dash will light up, and you know something is not right.

It’s the same with our body. When we don’t take care of it and we let the emotions overtake our mind, the body suffers. It may show up as pain or disease in other areas of our body and sometimes even worse. If we don’t listen to the signals our body is sending us, and we just choose to ignore it and then we ask ourselves, “What is going on? Why am I not well?” then we need to think about how long we have been ignoring the signals. But if we just took our body and gave it a service (like yoga, Pilates, emotional release, Reiki, acupuncture, or meditation) regularly, then we would be in a much healthier emotional and physical state.

Over the last nine years, since practising full-time as a holistic practitioner, I have had an incredible journey. I have found that my clients have had success with many different and varied symptoms and issues. An example of some of those issues are anxiety, panic attacks, anger, eye problems, fear of loss, hyperactivity, headaches, heart wall, lack of belief, money blocks, nail biting, pain, prostate, stomach issues, worthiness, inherited trauma and many more.

More recently, I was guided to create a program called Calm Conception. Through the Calm Conception program, I support couples or individuals who are on their fertility journey and assist them in how to bring peace, harmony, and balance to their life. To show them how they can navigate through the stress and understand that they are not alone and that there is a process to follow that can help them on this extremely sensitive and daunting journey. This program is designed to help couples who have been struggling to fall pregnant, to have a child naturally, without medical intervention.

There are many possible causes of infertility, and fertility problems can affect either partner. In many cases, it is difficult to identify the cause and in fact, between 10-30 percent of couples trying to get pregnant never find out why they cannot get pregnant.

Over the years I have specialised in helping people to release trapped emotional blockages due to health, stress, and/or past trauma. These trapped emotions have impeded their lives in different ways and releasing them from their body has helped them live a more fulfilled and stress-free life.

Trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, and they can exert an influence on the physical tissues, creating discomfort and problems. You’ve heard the term ‘mind over matter’? Well, this is in essence what I am talking about although it’s more like ‘emotions over matter’. Releasing trapped and negative emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal itself, so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.

This, I believe, is also true for couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving. There could well be emotions, fears, or anxieties, conscious or unconscious, that are causing either partner to be at their least optimal and to be able to participate effectively in the conception process.

I also focus on the heart and how our emotions affect how we respond and live our lives. Clearing our emotional trash from our hearts is so important to how our brain will respond. You might not realise just how deeply our hearts control what we desire to do in life. Our heart feels and our brain is the controller. So, think back to your own life when you were emotional. Did you hold your head, or did you put your hands on your heart? Where in your body is that feeling?

The ego loves to have a discussion and wants to control our decision, but our heart is our inner wisdom. What do you listen to? Think about it. It is widely studied and documented that our heart is what makes us feel the joy in life. The happiness and the excitement are generated from the heart. However, our brain tends to want to control us. It’s that chatter on your shoulder that is continuously telling you stuff that is negative and not really true.

The objective of the Calm Conception program is to help each partner within a participating couple, or indeed an individual seeking to get pregnant, to identify and then release any emotions or stress that may be hindering their ability to conceive. Additionally, to bring harmony to the partnership and provide the natural environment that will allow conception to occur. When our state of mind is in harmony with our body, only then can our body heal itself. Calm mind, calm body, Calm Conception.

Like so many women, I too have been through the process of losing a child early in my pregnancy. I understand that this is a traumatic time and a very delicate journey to be on.

Through my own experiences dealing with personal blocked trauma and emotions, I know first-hand how revitalising you feel and how relaxed, comfortable and burden-free your life can be after releasing and letting them go. You truly feel a lot lighter and happier. I have also seen the transformation that many of my clients have been through once we delved into the real emotional issues driving their distress or feelings of imbalance. And that is the point. It doesn’t have to be a real physical issue. It may just be an imbalance in you.

It is such a delight to work with clients and very rewarding and the reason why I continue and will always do what I am doing. There is such satisfaction when you have helped another person and they are happy and relieved and just feeling like they can float when our session is completed. I know my work is changing lives all around the world.

I only hope that all my readers can come and join me in discovering how they too can tap into their true inner wisdom with the understanding that they can live a life with an open heart that is in harmony to achieve balance in their overall wellbeing while walking on their individual journey.

Life happens while we make other plans and on the whole my life has followed a not-so-straight but very curvy, colourful, exciting and happy path. May my story enrich your life and make you think about how you follow that inner wisdom or gut to a path of least resistance.

Now you have to ask yourself do I follow my gut or do I fight the current of life and all you have to do is stop, breathe and listen?

Kuve (Kvetuse) Jansky Bradley is an international wellness consultant. Over the last 30 years, she has practised energetic healing in San Francisco, Czech Republic and now resides and practises on the Gold Coast in Qld, Australia.

Kuve has spent years specialising in releasing ancestral emotional blocks and trauma, helping clients suffering from stress, depression, physical illnesses and many more. This work has led her to create a program called ‘Calm Conception’. This program is a powerful fusion of both energetic healing and emotional release techniques that focuses on the wellness during the client’s fertility journey.
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