A Clearing a Day Keeps the Spirits Away

I have a friend whose husband continuously attracts wayward spirits or murky energy. She always knows because he becomes extremely grumpy and moody and unbearable to live with! Because I can see energy around a person, this kind of energy looks dark and misty and often covers the person so much I can’t see them!

The aura is our protection from absorbing lower energies, but it can be compromised and weakened in several ways. These include getting stressed and upset, extreme anger, excessive use of alcohol or drugs, being in lower vibrational places like pubs or hospitals, or around people who are angry or upset in some way. If we haven’t protected our aura in situations like these and are tired, sick, or emotional, it can be quite easy to take on energy that is not ours. In addition, if we are unaware, our lower vibrations can then attract spirit energy that feeds off ours, perpetuating bad moods and depressed feelings. It’s not life-threatening, but if left uncleared can make life unpleasant for us and the people around us!

When I get the call to clear my friend’s hubby, I call in Archangel (AA) Michael straight away to not only clear him but the house, plants, and pets as well. I bring up the Violet Flame of Transmutation for Michael to whizz through the house. It only takes a few minutes and the transformation is immediate, much to the relief of my friend.

Living or working in an apartment building or office block can really increase the chances of picking up lower vibrational energy merely due to the cacophony of energy that is emitted by a large number of people experiencing a varying array of emotions in a confined area. It makes a lot of sense, then, to be practising energy protection measures every day, particularly if you are an empath or particularly sensitive to intense or lower vibrations.

I recommend grounding your energy and zipping up your aura as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning. Call in AA Michael and ask him to clear and ground your energy and to put a shield of protection around you. Grounding is a way of being present and centred on your energy and is an essential tool for keeping your aura sealed and protected. At the end of the day, consciously break your energy from people you have interacted with and clear it all from your space either through intention, having a shower, putting some essential oils through your aura or physically wiping your energy from your aura with your hands. Then zip your aura up, intentionally ground your energy (feel your feet on the floor or walk barefoot on the grass or sand) and imagine white light coming around you. If you still don’t feel right, ask AA Michael to clear any wayward spirit energy from your aura and close off lower dimensional energy around you.

Love and blessings to you!


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