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From Blame and Fault to Confidence and Courage

Looking to blame and placing fault brings us out of alignment with our hearts and soul. Looking for fault takes us down a painful path, there are many times in our lives when we want to be able to place our feelings of hurt, disappointment, even anger, onto someone else, we want to be able to point the finger at them and say, “Well if you didn’t do”, or ‘If you didn’t say”, or “If you had done this”.

It is easily accepted that this is part of being human, it is said that we all want someone or something to blame when things aren’t going well in our life, it’s far easier to put the blame for anything that goes wrong in our life upon someone or something else.
In recent decades it has become known that we are co-creators of everything in our lives and even down to the people that come into our life; though for people who haven’t done any inner work or soul alignment this can be really quite a confronting statement, so let’s bring it back to very simple basics.

When we were growing up in days gone by, we had to accept responsibility for the things that we did, we came to learn that there would be a consequence, whether it be a positive or a negative, but there would be a consequence for anything that we did. And as time has gone by it’s become known that there is also power in our words; although I will say that even as a child my grandmother used to say, “Mind what you say,” and as a child, I didn’t really understand what she meant.

Accepting responsibility for our choices, spoken words, actions, and decisions without using blame, pointing fingers or fault, believing things that go wrong, or our feelings being hurt is because of someone else, it’s their fault, is how we can cultivate confidence, self-esteem, and courage.

Accepting responsibility for our part in anything in our life is the way to honouring ourselves and this is what’s most important. To honour oneself is to live a harmonious, enlightened aligned life, which means to be enriched and free.

There is something even deeper in this and that is truth. Truth is an important aspect of life; truth opens our hearts to our wisdom, and truth brings inspiration from the soul and our past selves.

Truth is a path to healing oneself, to be truthful about our choices, our spoken words, actions and decisions is a foundation for trust, and when we have full trust of our own hearts, we are courageous, bold and wise.

Make a powerful simple pledge today to look into your actions, choices, and spoken words, and pledge to be truthful in all you do.



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