Astrological Days of the Week

Each day of the week is ruled by a different planet, lending to it an energy all of its own. With this knowledge you can harness the energy of each day to bring your life into better balance and flow. Much of society revolves around the Monday to Friday workday with weekends being a time of perceived freedom. However, even if you feel your life is working within those boundaries, you can still incorporate some of these suggestions into each day, in order to create more flow into your life.

Monday is ruled by the Moon. It’s a great day to do anything in relation to your emotions, spend time with your mother, your family or with women. It’s a day to stay home or do chores around the home. This is also a great day to focus on your emotional needs, improving your intuition and psychic abilities. Cooking and nurturing others (and yourself) are Monday activities.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars. It’s a great day to take action, play sports, go to the gym or just do anything active. If you need courage for a challenging situation, tackle it on a Tuesday. Do anything that requires extra energy on this day. Tasks that require stamina and focus are best done on a Tuesday.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. The focus is on communication. Use Wednesday for networking, writing and connecting. If you need to talk to someone about something, do it on a Wednesday. Send packages on this day. Learning, researching, writing and studying are also best done on a Wednesday.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. It’s a great day to expand your horizons. Do something new on a Thursday. Study, read and learn. Book a trip. Dealing with legal documents, sharing knowledge and taking a pilgrimage are also best done on this day. Start things you want to expand and grow. It will be easy to overindulge on a Thursday.

Friday is ruled by Venus. It’s a day to connect with close friends. Hold a social gathering. Go shopping. Spend time with someone you love. Indulge yourself. Have a massage. Eat chocolate! Attend a counselling session. Make an appointment at the bank to discuss a loan or investments. Money is easily spent on a Friday.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn. This is the day where hard work comes most easily. Do something in relation to business if you have one. Practise self-discipline. Tackle any duties and responsibilities on this day. Visit older family members. Set goals for the following week.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun. It’s a day to bask in the sun. Allow yourself to shine. Tap into your true essence and do something to express who you really are. This is a day to be confident and creative.
Another thing to remember is that the day you were born on is relevant. Whichever planet rules over the day you were born has special importance in your birth chart (and in your life).

Kim Tennant has been an astrologer for over 20 years. She is passionate about working with the energy of the planets in order to bring about balance and flow. You can find out more about Kim at her website:



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