YOU ARE…..Loved

I love you. I love you. I love you. While yes, you are reading a common sentence in everyday life, HOW does this make you feel? Do you believe it when you hear, “I love you?” Are you on edge and uncomfortable right now, that me the Author, a stranger is saying “I love You”? HOW are you resisting that You Are…Loved? WHO put that wall there? You? WHAT caused this wall to go up, do you in fact know? HOW are you prepared to deal with love when it’s offered to you? Are you going to refuse it, or believe it? Is your version of love useless, full of pain, hurt, and abuse? WHO formed your beliefs about love that you are replaying? WHO broke your heart? Are you able to forgive them and allow yourself to be loved? 

HOW did the belief that “love sucks” come about? Was it because love was absent in your life as a child? Did you see people hurt by WHAT you thought love was? Find your answer here as to why you think love utterly sucks, as this is HOW you change your perception. WHAT does love look like in your eyes? WHAT is your ideal image of love? Are you able to recreate that somehow? Do you truly want to experience grand love? Of course you do! But in order to do so, you must first acknowledge the roadblocks, that way you clear a path. Basically, your energy is confused because you have a vision about love, yet your energy knows another story. It is the story from your past that requires removal, that way your real love story has a way to enter. You only receive what is in vibrational match. And this initial realisation opens a door to a new corridor. Be brave and walk through the door into the arms of love waiting patiently for you.

Maybe you have lost a loved one, they passed or left. Has this closed your heart to receiving love? WHAT have you done to allow love back into your life? HOW has your life felt after the loss of your loved one? Sad no doubt! But here is an important universal law. When something is taken away it will be replenished in some way. This could be a pet or a new friend. In saying that, if your heart was hurt, you may have rejected another form of love, leaving you in the belief that love is empty and lifeless.

Or are you unequivocally accepting of love? HOW does love feel to you? Describe it; warm, cuddly, understanding, uplifting and patient. Did your parents or family love you so dearly and tenderly that you embrace love, and love, love? If yes, hold this love and thank them in your heart, for you too will teach this love to others. If you are lucky to have an abundance of love can I ask a favour? Would you mind sending any excess blossoms of love out to someone who may not be feeling loved? You needn’t do anything grand, just blow a deep breath out, like you are blowing the stamens off a dandelion, and ask that it land where it’s needed most. Sceptical? Ok, picture this. You’re at a wedding or celebration. HOW are you feeling? Look around, WHAT is being exchanged? WHO is smiling? WHAT gestures are you observing; people hugging and connecting! And the reason; love, love created an effervescent exchange of joyfulness and love. And I’d say pretty much everyone in attendance, because energy is contagious, felt the love. Therefore, you are blowing your breath of love out into the world; while it may seem meaningless, it will surely land somewhere. 


Ever heard of the word effleurage? It is where you massage the skin gently, and this is WHAT I encourage you to try. Find quiet time alone and gently stroke your arm up and down including your whole body just with the slightest touch from your fingertips. The sensation is soft and should create goose bumps. While doing so affirm repeatedly, “I am in love with who I am.” Allow your hands and fingers to linger. Being naked is ideal, however, you can start with clothes on and at some stage after a few sessions, gravitate towards being in your birthday suit. Once you feel good about being naked and familiar with effleurage, move in front of the mirror and say, “I love you,” out loud. Again, your fingers are going with the flow, nurturing, creating a wonderful sensation and vibration. If you feel drawn too, please know that it is natural to bring self-pleasure into this loving time. It is your choice. Regardless, I can assure you that after your special reconnection of love, you will feel loved and by the most important person, YOU!


Love is the breath of life? If you were void of love you would not exist. Therefore, somewhere inside and outside of you, You Are…Loved! Here’s another fact; disease kills. Why? It responds to a lack of love. This can be rectified in most cases as it is an energy block. Like a muscle cramp where the body tightens and spasms, an energy block is a ball of stuck, stagnant energy. Unblock it and you are healed. Holistic therapists can assist in this process. Book a session with a qualified Reiki master, Horstman practitioner, or Eft (tapping) coach to help and instruct you. You will be amazed at how they remove the stale energy, filling you up with love. Let go of the old so there’s a new space to receive love.



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