What the Dimension?

Any client of mine would have heard me talk about ‘dimensions’, ‘vibrational frequency,’ ‘levels of consciousness’ and ‘grounding.’ They would also heard me say regularly of the need to raise our vibrations, keep them high in order to keep our consciousness in the highest dimension possible. What does it all mean?

A dimension of consciousness is the level on which we interact with the world. The lower levels equate to us being very stuck in the physical world and ego, worried about anything ranging from money, our appearance or the latest exploits of the cranky neighbour that we can’t stand. They are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions and their energy emitted from these levels is extremely low, enmeshing us in a matrix of worldly worries. People who are on very low incomes, are homeless or even very unwell and constantly sick or in pain operate in this dimensional framework. While it is understandable that anyone in physical pain, financial hardship, abusive relationships or anything else of that nature would be concerned and thus focused on their own wellbeing, the ability to see beyond self in the physical dimensions can trap people in the illusion that they are helpless and stuck with that reality that.

The fourth dimension is a bit higher but still quite dense. In this dimension, awareness expands beyond self but can become trapped in global misery and drama, as the weight of the world’s worries rests heavily on one’s shoulders. It is entirely possible for a person to become extremely socially aware but completely drained as they attempt to rescue everyone they can from hardship. They can also become quite negative and weighed down by it all. At the very least, people operating in the fourth dimension mean well but get so caught up in drama that they can’t see the forest for the trees. While people in the higher levels of the fourth dimension can be more tolerant and understanding of other people’s journeys, they can still find it difficult to see more radical points of view and to keep open minded when their values and belief systems are tested.

The fifth dimension is the highest level of consciousness a human can reach without becoming disconnected from their human body and therefore finding it difficult to live in the physical world. A higher consciousness allows us to believe in the power of the Universe and the Law of Attraction to deliver what we need and ask for to us. It helps us to be more tolerant of others, to be more objective, much less judgmental and to shine our light without giving our energy away. It helps us to believe in the promise of Ascension and to feel empowered to stand in our power and spiritual connection without sacrifice. It is much easier to see the bigger picture in this dimension and to reserved judgment about things. People operating from the Fifth Dimension find they can be an observer, rather than a participant, in other people’s conflict and dramas. Their light shines brightly and other people will tend to want to be around them.

Ascension to Fifth Dimensional consciousness is not a linear process and it is essential to remain vigilant! If we don’t watch our thoughts, protect our energy or keep grounded and connected to our higher selves, it is extremely easy to either get dragged back down to the dense energy of the Third and Fourth Dimensions or to become really ungrounded, spacey and disconnected from reality. One should never declare themselves as a fully ascended being, because of the simple fact that living in the physical world is such an emotional rollercoaster!

It is a balancing act for sure, and one that will be greatly assisted by regular mindful, spiritual and meditative practices.

Blessings, Victoria

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