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Using Human Design to help you succeed without burning out

If you’ve ever experienced times when things haven’t panned out as expected. You may run out of time, money, and resources to keep all the balls you’re juggling in the air. And your energetic output is far above and beyond your capacity. You’re exhausted, and the seeds of doubt start creeping in. This article will give you two incredible tools to support you in navigating all of that so that you can more easily navigate those crazy times in life, career and business that can feel so overwhelming.

Let’s dive in.

This topic offered itself up for this particular article because I am currently in what I would call a “high energetic output” phase in my businesses. I have two businesses. I’ve been running my coaching business, Level Up with Katie B, for two and a half years, and the other, which I’ve launched recently, called glow squad, where I’ve turned my skincare obsession into a business by becoming a skin and haircare consultant, which is honestly just soo much fun! Due to so much going on in my entrepreneurial life, my life, in general, is super high-paced. I’ve got a lot of creative flow happening, but just the logistics of having a life, a full-time job and two side hustles is full on. And that’s what happens right? When you’re busy smashing goals in your business or career, it permeates every aspect of your life. Any free time you might once have had turns into an opportunity to get work or study done. Your days start to evaporate before your eyes, you see deadlines creeping up, and if you don’t manage your time and energy in a conscious, empowered way, you run the risk of crashing & burning, maybe becoming disillusioned or even worse, completely giving up on a vision that you were once so fired up about. It is so unnecessary. You don’t have to get sucked into giving every ounce of time, energy and resources you have to achieve your goals. You can achieve success and not lose your mind. Sounds AMAZING, right? So how do you arrive at this incredible utopia?

There are two vital elements two maintaining your sanity in a busy time.
One – Prioritise your passions.
Two – Understand your core motivations, the “why” behind your actions.

How do you know if you're following your passions, and what happens when things get in the way of you doing that?

This may seem super obvious to many people. Still, I’ve met a lot of women who have built a career, business or life around things that they actually don’t care about, partially because they’ve lost themselves in what other people want. They’ve prioritised other people’s needs, wants and desires above and beyond their own and, as a result, can’t even fathom having a clear direction, purpose or passion. But even for those of you who feel deeply connected and clear on your passion and purpose, it’s still helpful to have tools to keep you connected to that so that when life gets busy, you can still trust that you’re spending your energy beans on things that are in alignment for you, that you still feel pumped about and that are still worthy of your time.

Using Human Design to help you stay connected to your passion

Each of the five human design energy types has a unique relationship to following their passions. And how they experience that feeling of excitement and pull towards certain things is quite different. Of course, Human Design is not supposed to be prescriptive. It’s a beautiful and supportive framework designed to empower you with awareness, so why not take advantage of that and understand how your energy type will most likely recognise and experience that inner fire?

Generators and Manifesting Generators

Regardless of your authority, your inner fire will connect to your Sacral energy centre. You’ll know you’re in the heat of creative passion and that the things you spend your time, energy and resources on are worthy when you feel that sparkly, expansive lit-upness from your gut. It’s important to remember that Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, called it “The Human Design experiment” for a reason. We each have a unique connection to our responses, and until you start experimenting, yours may not feel like it is a strong gut response. For example, I’m a generator, and my authority is sacral. Before I knew about Human Design, I followed my heart. Then when I started learning about Human Design and how my gut response was a massive part of how I’m energetically designed to step into flow, I noticed that my heart and gut often sing the same tune

I recently saw this quote from Rihanna, she’s a Manifesting Generator, and said “I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose.”

I find this super interesting first of all, I would love to know if Rihanna knows about Human Design, but apart from that, If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, your heart and your sacral or your gut response will be an essential part of your internal compass guiding you in the right direction, keeping you on the straight and narrow and inviting you to interact with your passions.


The easy way to recognise and connect to your passions and your inner fire, to know what is worth investing time, energy and resources is by noticing an internal, full-body pull. An aha that is inexplicable won’t necessarily make logical sense, but you can feel your body urging you towards something.


When you feel absorbed by what you’re doing and it’s supporting you in cultivating or expressing your natural talents. In business, that might look like you creating structures that allow you to scale your business without having your finger on the pulse twenty-four-seven.

It might be building the self-paced course, writing a book, or letting your energy spill into the different facets of your life that will ultimately support you in being recognised and invited to share more of your passion. So yes, it is still; an internal passion, but it’s not necessarily so much a pull as a focus. So how can you work with that when life is full, and you’re trying to determine if it’s time to say no to something that was previously a yes or to persevere? Take notice of anything you’re investing energy in that is not feeling supportive of you cultivating and expressing your natural talents. If you’re trying to be it all to everyone and especially if you’re trying to maintain a heavy physical, energetic output to keep up with external demands on you, these are probably situations that aren’t in alignment for you.


Your relationship to your passions is fluid but predictable. You will experience your passion through the lens of different energies over a 28-day cycle, and this is where you get to feel it out, talk to people, and take notice of when things that you’re investing your time and energy on consistently elicit positive, emotions, thoughts and physical responses in your body. Let yourself reflect over time so you can tune into a more holistic picture of what is lighting you up. This is how you can stay dialled into what is worthy of your energy.

These are the signs for each of the five energy types that support you in recognising whether you’re being tied to a situation, person or experience through authentic passion. They are powerful tools. However, identifying if you are genuinely passionate about your endeavours is only the beginning. Once you’ve done that, you get to decide if you are ready to trust in that passion. Are you prepared to trust that call, the feeling, the pull, the inner knowing? And let things that aren’t supporting you in following that fall by the wayside

Using these Human Design tools can help you learn to trust yourself again, to trust your inner knowing enough to say yes to yourself and say no to complying with shitty societal norms and standards that aren’t supporting you in thriving.

The Second tool you can use to help you stay grounded in high energetic output phases of life is to understand your core motivations, the "why" behind your actions.

This is one of the essential elements to supporting you in creating a long-lasting sustainable business or reaching any goals you have in life without burning out. Having a deep connection to the motivation behind what it is you are spending all your time, energy and resources on will also help you stay connected to your passions. This is more of an intellectual attachment to your passion and adds another layer of clarity because, for a lot of us, when life is hectic, our nervous systems can be pretty overloaded, and so, despite our best efforts, accessing the wisdom and language of our body, our intuition and that internal knowing might not necessarily be that easy.

Take time to create your list of “why’s” at a time when you are not energetically, emotionally or physically drained. This is when you will have more clarity and be able to access that inner knowledge from your body more easily. So if you take time to build a list of your core motivations, the “why’s” around all the things in your life when you’re in that space, it will most likely be authentic and in alignment with you.

Discovering your why highlights your core motivations behind pursuing anything in your life. By peeling back the layers of surface-level actions, you get to see more clearly what is driving you and what’s pulling you forward. Ideally, you’ll discover a deep connection to the core values you hold for your life. For example, one of my core values is freedom. Knowing that freedom is a quality that I genuinely value means that when opportunities arise If I’m not able to get a clear read on my sacral response, I can ask myself, is this in alignment with my core values? Is this going to support me in experiencing more freedom in my life? If I say yes to this opportunity, will it provide time, energy, and resources that support me in experiencing more freedom? If you look at this on a more micro level, as a way to help you discern what is worthy of your energy on a day-to-day level, this could be part of your daily practice—getting into the habit of questioning your actions. Question your actions, Eg. “Why am I sitting at my computer for hours when I want to go outside?” “What is motivating me to do that?” “Why am I running around doing things for this person or that person when I don’t have the time or energy for that?” Getting in the habit of questing yourself also cultivates a deeper connection to the why’s you uncover.

it’s also important to honour that if you’re currently in a phase of substantial energetic output in your life, whether in your personal or professional life. Know that it’s a natural part of the cycle. Everything we move through in life is cyclic in nature. We don’t stay in the action phase forever. It might be weeks or months, but you will move into the next cycle, which will probably be an integration period with less action and more sustainable momentum. And although it can feel overwhelming to be in an active phase of life, you do get to choose to maintain your sanity by prioritising your physical, mental and emotional health and also by creating space for you to change your mind or direction if what you’re spending all your energy beans on is no longer in alignment for you.

This is just a taste of what Human Design has to offer to support you in living a thriving, fulfilling life. If you would like to find out more about Human Design or download your chart, head to @LevelUpwithKatieB on Instagram or



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